WWE 2K16: Gameplay and Features Revealed

WWE 2K16: Gameplay and Features Revealed

Amongst the people it was very much common to hear that WWE 2K14 and WWE 2K15 were a lot similar to each other and there wasn’t much of a difference between their mechanics and gameplay too. 2K games finally brought something different to the game and revealed the new additions to the game. Major additions of the game includes the game’s largest roster ever with over 120 playable characters. Going with the flow alongside Gamescom, 2K games announced major gameplay improvements and new mechanics. The game now has substantial improvements amongst which the most prominent one is the new reversal mechanics.The previous installments of the game included the old fashioned reversal mechanics which when mastered them resulted in time consuming matches and one would automatically exit. But this time around reversals would be available in ‘stocks and bars’. The system will be much similar to the fully charged adrenaline bars in a sort of way. And to pull off reversals players would have to use their stock which once used recharges slowly over time. Their would be 2 kinds of reversals; major and minor reversals. And it looks like no more loading screens are getting popular. Here’s a lineup of the new features and gameplay,

2K Showcase and MyCareer are back

2k showcase returns from the previous versions of the game through which you can play in the past and relive historic rivalries. MyCareer allows you to play through as a rookie and pave your way to the championship.

A Deeper Creation Suite

Creation center now features more creation features such as create a Diva, create an Arena and create a championship.( I wonder if we can split the WWE World Heavyweight Championship again.)

Overhauled Online Gameplay

Better matchmaking for online players.

Substantial Gameplay Improvements

2K listened the voice of its fans and made substantial gameplay improvements such as new pin system, new submission system and new reversal mechanics etc. New grappling techniques and improved chain grapples and AI.

More Authentic Look-and-Feel

The game will have a flow to it and make you feel more realistic. JBL has also been added to the commentary team including the returning Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. However, the commentary will include more lines for different situations. As a pre-order prize or gift or whatever you want to say, you’ll get to play as the Terminator in the game and feel invincible. The game is set to be released on October 27,2015 in North America and October 30,2015 internationally.

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