Wrights Road House: Comfortable Refuge in Aspen

Wrights Road House: Comfortable Refuge in Aspen

Wrights Road House

Aspen is a city located in Colorado, United States. During the 20th century the city boomed and became the place where celebrities retreated. It remains a popular tourist destination. In the vicinity of the city you can find four ski areas. Moreover, the real-estate business is booming in Aspen. The city is famous for its modern and comfortable houses. One of the most famous architect firms in Aspen is Charles Cunniffe Architects. They offer both architectural and interior design services. Their aim is to find the spirit of each project and create a unique building perfect for the demands of the client. Charles Cunnife Architects’s designs are socially responsible and sophisticated from a technological point of view. One such project is Wrights Road House, the building presented in the images above.

Living room

Wrights Road House is a comfortable refuge that can be found in Aspen. Once you enter the house, you understand it was not created just for practical purposes. Everything about Wrights Road House oozes coziness and comfort. It is a beautiful, family refuge perfect for both small and large families.

Inside the house

The house is a beautiful blend of stone and wood. The design goes perfectly with the surrounding landscape. The design firm aimed to blur the lines between the outdoor and the indoor, therefore chose glass doors and floor-to-ceiling windows. These elements bring natural light inside the house. Moreover, they give easy access to the garden and allow you to gaze at the surrounding mountain view.

Living room at Wrights Road House

The living room is spacious and has plenty seats for the entire family. The modern fireplace allows you to warm yourself near a blazing flame. Several elegant elements, like the Eames lounge chair and the ottoman make Wrights Road House stand out.


The master bedroom is spacious and comfortable. The wood panels bring the mountainous atmosphere inside the house and the large windows allow you to gaze outside at the surrounding landscape.


The kitchen is furnished with the latest appliances making it possible for the family to enjoy a quiet meal inside.  Would you like to spend your holiday, in Aspen at Wrights Road House?

( Source and Image Source: Freshome )

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