Weave House By A-Cero Has a Spanish Air

Weave House By A-Cero Has a Spanish Air

Weave House

Architectural trends change with each passing season. Some want to have homes that boast futuristic looks. Others prefer old, traditional styles. Each personality comes with its own style and ideas. A new architectural project finished by Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares brings sinuous and organic lines on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.


The house is meant for a single family and it’s located in the residential area of the Spanish coast. The property is 1000 sqm and the architects divided in three floors. The basement hosts the garage, service areas and facilities. The ground floor is made out of the  public areas, whereas the first floor consists of the private rooms such as the bedrooms. The design made by A-Cero uses big windows to illuminate the rooms better. The interior is linked to the outside through various terraces and porches. The roof of the house can be accessed and boasts a pool.

The design of the Weave House captures the attention of the viewer from the very first moment. It is both strong and subtle, with four facades that follow the same patterns in terms of design. The architects used black glass and white DuPont Corian when they designed their project. They stand out through their better quality and durability. Moreover, the Corian adapts perfectly to this design.

The high quality of the house can be seen from afar. The design with its sinuous and organic lines captures the attention of modern architecture lovers, whereas the exquisite landscape will take you one step closer to nature. Moreover, the house’s position, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea will bring a splash of color in the owners’ lives.

A-Cero built the Weave House on an elevated position overlooking the sea. In order to complete this complex project, the architectural company also shaped the landscape.

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Source and Images: decorationideas.com and beautifullife.info

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