“We Are the Not Dead” by Photographer Lalage Snow

“We Are the Not Dead” by Photographer Lalage Snow

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Lalage Snow is an English photographer, journalist and documentary maker that currently lives in Afghanistan. As the daughter of an army man, Snow spent most of her years moving back and forth, to different countries, until settling in Frankfurt and later in London. She studied at the University of Bristol, where she majored in Ancient History and Classics. She then discovered she has a passion for journalism so she decided to pursue it. After a few internships in several countries around the world, Snow realized that her true passion lies in photography. She returned to the UK to earn a master’s degree in photojournalism and documentary photography.

Unsurprisingly, due to her upbringing, traveling and extensive knowledge of history, Lalage Snow’ s photography career is impressive and interesting. She tries to embed herself in her work, carefully documenting each stage of the process. Her fascination with the army is perhaps a leitmotif in her work.

“We all have a story to tell”

We Are the Not Dead is perhaps the series that highlights Snow’s fascination with combat.  Highly emotional and impressive, the series follows young British soldiers beforeduring and after their deployment in Afghanistan, capturing the emotional and physical scars that came with the experience of war. Photographing exclusively their faces, Lalage Snow captures the essence of war and how it changes soldiers. Over a period of eight months, these young men faces transform into sullen ones.

Aside from the fact that their skin is weathered, the real transformation occurs in their eyes. The psychological impact of war changes these young soldiers to a point in which we wonder: is this the same person?  Each of the photographs set comes with a statement of the soldier in cause, and the differences in perspective are enormous as their deployment ends.

Snow says that her intention was to honor their bravery through this series but also to highlight every soldiers’ psychological transformation. She says : “It was a very personal project and stemmed from having embedded with the military on and off for four years in Iraq and Afghanistan and bearing witness to how many young men return as shadows of their former selves and, in many cases, with deep, psychological scars. We Are The Not Dead is an attempt at giving the brave young men and women the chance to explain how it really is.”

Lalage Snow tells an emotional story through her camera lenses. We think that the series leaves a mark on any viewer and gives an overview of the effects of war. What do you think of this impressive series?

soldiers by lalage snow

Second Lieutenant Adam Petzsch, 25

soldier photos

Private Becky Hitchcock, 23

mathew by lalage snow

Private Mathew Hodgson, 18

solider tennant

Lance Corporal Sean Tennant, 29

patterson by lalage snow

Private Sean Patterson, 19

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