See Kim Kardashian’s Transformation Throughout The Years In These 30 Photos

See Kim Kardashian’s Transformation Throughout The Years In These 30 Photos
Image: YouTube

30. School Girl Kim

Image: Female First

Before her botox injections and super plump lips, Kim Kardashian looked like any other Armenian school girl. A natural beauty, you wouldn’t suspect at this age that Kim would be destined for fame, fortune, and her own reality show. The world pre-Kardashian must have been so boring.

29.  Vacation Girl

Image: Twitter

You can’t deny that Kim knows how to rock a bathing suit. It’s crazy that as a teenager she was allowed to wear such revealing clothing, but seeing as Kim K. thinks a mid-rift is appropriate winter gear, we’re not surprised.

Image: Vorply

Before her career in the clothing business and reality television, Kim Kardashian started as a teen model. She posed for a variety of magazines and even walked runways at fashion week. Once again, we prefer the natural beauty to the plastic surgery version of Kim we have now.

27. Prom Pics with Mom

Image: Blog News

Aww, Kim looked so innocent here. A simple prom photo with her mother. We’re sure she’d pay to have this photo buried forever. That 1990’s hairdo needs an entire can of Aquanet to maintain.

26. 2005 Fashion Scene

Image: Harper’s Bazaar

The year was 2005 when the world was introduced to “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” No one could have ever expected the show would take off as it did, bringing Kim Kardashian to the spotlight and almost instant fame.

25. The Original Kim K. Booty

Image: Hollywood Life

We believe this is proof that Kim’s current booty is totally manufactured. It sure didn’t look like it does now back in 2005. Come on…come clean, Kim!

24. The Power of the Purse

Image: Capital XTRA

It seems oversized purses were a huge fashion trend in 2006, and you can see that Kim took it to a whole new level. Aren’t you supposed to say NO to white after labor day?

23. Power of the Purse Part 2

Image: Cosmopolitan

It seems like Kim couldn’t get enough of large matching purses. This time in taupe. We’re still not feeling it and we’re happy that 2006 is gone and done with. No more big purses!

22. Eyeliner on Point

Image: Nailspot

All that glitters is gold…it seems 2007 was the year of dark eyeliner and looking like a disco ball. We’re not a fan…at all.

21. Fashion Disaster

Image: Capital XTRA

Continuing on with bad fashion choices, we have to think Kim fired her stylist after this event. At least, we hope she did. This green potato sack dress isn’t doing her any favors. Oh 2007, you were a special year weren’t you?

20. Booty in White

Image: Flickr

2008 would be the year we start to suspect that Kim enhanced her rump. It’s definitely looking more curvy and plump than it did before. Of course, she is more than willing to show it off. Take it down a notch Kim…you could see that backside from orbit.

19. A Cute Day in Paris

Image: Capital XTRA

Now, we have to admit this is a cute look. It’s perfect for a day on the streets of Paris and the little beret just adds the right touch to the ensemble. It’s certainly one of Kim’s more conservative looks.

18. Silver Sensation

Image: Glamour

We know Kim and her conservative ways wouldn’t last long. This silver bombshell of a dress certainly leaving much to the imagination. Although, Kim did have a sex tape released so most people have seen everything anyway.

17.  Dark Seductress

Image: Pinterest

Sometimes a simple black dress is all you need to make a statement. We have to admit this basic black is really doing amazing things for Kim, her body and overall fashion statement. We love it!

16. People’s Choice Beauty

Image: Red Carpet Fashion Trends

Kim should wear her hair up more often. It really does suit her. This crushed gold dress is also a real eye-pleaser. We admit we’ve questioned Kim’s taste on more than one occasion, but this is really a great addition to her wardrobe.

15. A Simple Black Dress

Image: Pinterest

Another simple black dress, another fashion homerun. Kim…wear black more often! It works wonders for your already amazing figure and it’s just a classic look and color.

14. Strutting into 2013

Image: LinkThrow

Kim Kardashian stomped into 2013 with style and this elaborate black ensemble is fierce and fabulous! Loving the faux fur color too! Well, it better be fake…you don’t want PETA after you, Kimmy!

13. 2013 Pregnancy Fashion

Image: Metro

Pregnant with her first child, and still looking dynamite! There’s no way you’ll see Kim K. in a muumuu. We wish all pregnancy fashion could look this glamorous, don’t you?

12. Dress with a Mid-Drift

Image: Elle

It seems you’ve experienced a mid-drift tear in your dress, Kim. As great as this looks, we find this being a two-piece outfit to be totally unnecessary. It would look so much more glamorous as one dress. Don’t you agree?

11. Pregnancy 2015

Image: PopSugar

Pregnancy #2 dropped the high-end fashion and went for something more comfortable, and honestly, we’re totally feeling it. Let’s get real though, Kim Kardashian could wear a potato sack and still look fantastic.

10. Post-Pregnancy 2015

Image: People

How many people do you think it took to get that latex dress on? We sure hope it was during a cooler time of year, sweating in that dress would be absolutely disgusting.

9. A Simple Stroll in 2016

Image: People

These hips DO LIE! Go back and look at Kim as a teen to now…you want to say those hips and curves are “all natural?” We think not!

8. A Casual Dinnertime Look

Image: Zimbio

This looks like a bra and a skirt. And…we HATE it! Sorry, Kim, we know you love to show off your body, but this is just lazy in terms of styling. Also, that hair girl? Run a brush through it every so often.

7. Blondes Do Have More Fun

Image: Glazing

2017 was the year Kim ditched the dark for something lighter. We have to admit, the blonde looked great on her, although we can’t imagine how long of a process it was to lighten her hair to platinum. She’s lucky her hair didn’t fall out!

6. A Harder Edge

Image: Elle

Kim ditched the length for a shorter dynamic cut after going blonde and we have to admit we like this better. Remember we mentioned damaged hair? We have a feeling this was what inspired the new shorter look.

5. Back to Black

Image: People Magazine

Of course, as soon as the blonde was beginning to catch on, Kim decided to take her hair back to her original black. While we were digging the blonde, this hair color definitely matches her skin tone better.

4. A Cover Girl of 2018

Image: E! Online

For 2018, Kim has experimented with quite a few different styles and hair colors. This ombre look certainly blends beautifully with her skin color and works well for most fashion styles.

3. A Touch of Pink

Image: InStyle

The splash of pink definitely works for a fun, party look but we’re not sure a 37-year-old mother of two needs to be prancing around with pink hair. What do you think?

2. Life in Braids

Image: Hollywood Life

Nope! The braids were a real fashion mistake if you ask us. They just didn’t work. We’re not sure if she was trying out the urban look or what, but we definitely think it was the wrong move.

1. Working Mother

Image: Daily Mail

Honestly, Kim looks the best when she’s simply being a mom. Dressed down, a little makeup and looking after her kids. No red carpet or magazine cover can top that!

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