Villa Nefkens Has An Unique Architecture

Villa Nefkens Has An Unique Architecture

Villa Nefkens

Wageningen is a municipality and a historical town in central Netherlands, in the province of Gelderland. The city is located in the place where the border of the Veluwe, the Gelderse Valley and the Rhine River meet one another, making it a wonderful location to build a house and start anew. Mecanoo Architects did just that when they designed the Villa Nefkens.


Villa Nefkens is a beautiful luxury residence built for the family bearing the same name. They wanted to have a house that overlooked the Rhine and found Wageningen as the perfect place to build their home. The villa was completed in 2008 and rests on a hill in the picturesque  Veluwe region. The natural landscape surrounding the villa is breathtaking and clearly one of the home’s best features.

The unique architectural design of Villa Nefkens aims to maximize the owner’s ability to enjoy their surroundings and the beautiful view. The views that can bee seen from each room of the house were the ones that inspired the house’s organic and curvy architecture. The spacious living room of the house overlooks the Rhine, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind. The atmosphere of the room is serene, but takes nothing from the modernity of the home. In fact, the living room boasts modern facilities and luxe amenities. 

Villa Nefkens has large terraces that elevate the house making it appear as though it is floating. The transition from the outdoor to the indoor is made gradually. A canopy surrounds the whole house offering beautiful views and also allowing the outdoor spaces to be enjoyed in summer and fall.

The family wished to create an individual and unique design for their villa, while at the same time remaining close to nature. The result were the house’s round forms. What do you think of Villa Nefkens and its breathtaking surroundings?

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