Villa Moerkensheide Has A Trio of Garden Terraces

Villa Moerkensheide Has A Trio of Garden Terraces

Villa Moerkensheide

Villa Moerkensheide is an interesting and elegant construction built by Dieter De Vos Architecten in De Pinte, Belgium. It is a spacious residence that has a a total living space of 306 square meters. However, that is not the thing that stands out the most. What makes this house different is the way it is organized. The house has been designed as a series of three cubes around an equilateral triangle.

 “The house is centrally positioned on the building plot at the edge of a residential neighbourhood and opposite a small forest. An explicit orientation to the sun shapes the tripartite composition of the house. Three gardens formally complement the composition, each garden intended for a specific time of day: morning, afternoon, evening,” the architect explained.

Three is a number that seems to define the design of Villa Moerkensheide. The house is made of three cubes, it is surrounded by three gardens and at its center the architects designed three large arched windows. These windows come together to create the impression of a void on the ground floor. Each window stretches along the walls in order to reveal one of the three gardens of the house. All three feature a glazed central door. 

The open floor plan of the living area makes use of the arched windows to flood the room with light and connect with the gardens. The ground floor of Villa Moerkensheide houses the dining area, the seating area and the work area. A spiral staircase is placed at the meeting place of the three areas. In this way, the owner is able to reach the first floor where he is met by a different design. The upper floor does not have the same type of arched windows. Light is scarcer than on  the ground floor and comes in through perforations on the end walls and in the ceiling. This floor contains the bathrooms, hallway, the guest room and bedroom.

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