USB Type-C Can Turn Your Laptop Into a Gaming Powerhouse

USB Type-C Can Turn Your Laptop Into a Gaming Powerhouse

We’ve all been hearing about this new magically powerful USB port called USB Type-C. “It can do everything the previous ones can do,” you read on major websites, “and much more!”. Though up until recently we weren’t still quite sure about all the possibilities of this new mega port. We already knew that the port could transfer huge amounts of data and run 4K video but here is another really good use.

What you’re seeing below is the small sleek hub that uses Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 which is a better version of USB-C which offers double the bandwidth so more options. There are several uses for this, charging the laptop is the most basic. You can also attach external 4K monitors and even attach an external graphics card to boost the performance of your Laptop.


Image courtesy: Gizmodo

The hub offers the following:

  • 3x USB 3.0 ports
  • 2x HDMI ports
  • 2x Display ports
  • Audio out
  • Ethernet
  • Extra USB-C port

The sleek hub has a built in AMD R9 M385. So simply buying this hub will give you a graphics boost. You could attach an even powerful external graphics card if you want you separately. Here’s what it looks like with a full-size AMD R9 200 series graphics card:


Image courtesy: Gizmodo

The Catch

The only catch here is the Thunderbolt 3 boxes and the Laptop aren’t confirmed to ever be released. We don’t know the price yet, either. Thought the first Thunderbolt 3 devices should hit retail by the end of the year.


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