Upcycled T-shirts – Have a New Wardrobe for Free

Upcycled T-shirts – Have a New Wardrobe for Free

Upcycled t-shirts are a great idea when you have a plain t-shirt and you don’t like it anymore. Don’t throw it away; upcycle it and have a new and cool one instantly. And the best part is that you have your own exclusive t-shirt without having to pay for it.

Or, just another cool accessory if you don’t want to turn an old t-shirt into a new one, but think of something else.

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We all want to constantly renew our wardrobe. But what happens to old pieces that are still wearable, but you got tired of? It’s a pity to throw them away when you can turn them into something else.

Either if it is another t-shirt, a headband or another accessory, there are a lot of ways to recycle old t-shirts. Here are some examples:

Refashioned t-shirts:

upcycled t-shirts

Photo Source: pinterest.com

Cut & weave:

upcycled t-shirtsPhoto Source: etsy.com

upcycled t-shirt

Photo Source: etsy.com

Twist at the back:

upcycled t-shirtsPhoto Source: trashtocouture.com

Widen a t-shirt that’s too tight:

upcycled t-shirts

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Bags made of old t-shirts:

upcycled t-shirtsPhoto Source: factorydirectcraft.com

upcycled t-shirtsPhoto Source: chiquitamoms.com

Upcycled t-shirts turned into other accessories:

Necklaces and scarves:

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upcycled t-shirtPhoto Source: etsy.com

Bracelets &  earrings:

upcycled t-shirts

upcycled t-shirtsPhotos’ Source: flickr.com

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And, you can even turn your old t-shirts into pieces of furniture or small rugs:

upcycled t-shirtsPhoto Source: ecozee.wordpress.com

upcycled t-shirtsPhoto Source: greenkampong.com

The only limit is your imagination. There’s a lot more you can do with an old t-shirt you got tired of. Even those that got too tight or too large for you.

Seeing these ideas, have you already made your mind about those t-shirts? Do you like the idea of upcycled t-shirts?

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