Twitter Users Are Sharing Their Adorably Awkward School Photos To Combat Bullying

Bullying has always been an issue with kids and in schools, but it seems like it has increased significantly over the last decade. The internet has exposed the true effect of bullying, as many teens have committed suicide, some have even taped it via Facebook live.

Social media has affected the way people interact with each other, and in some cases, it can be used for bullying. But when social media platforms like Twitter, are used to do good–that’s exactly what they do. Recently, many users have been sharing their awkward teen photos to combat bullying and connect with those who’ve been negatively affected.

Bullying doesn’t just stop at childhood, the psychological effects can impact someone forever. Luckily, there are some organizations that are doing their best to prevent bullying from going any further. It’s going to be a long hard battle, but they’re committed to seeing a kinder future.

The organization Anti-Bullying Pro is a UK based non-profit organization that has recently launched a campaign asking people around the world to share advice/experiences on bullying. The organization asks that participants post an awkward school picture with the hashtag #back2school in hopes that kids all around the world won’t feel alone this school year. Participants can be of any age, the only goal is to show solidarity to all the kids dealing with bullying, which will hopefully spark new discussion leading to a decline in worldwide #bullying.

Cathy Newman, British Journalist, and Anchor of Channel 4 News kicked off the campaign by sharing her old school photos and some seriously bad experiences with not only bullying but sexual harassment in school. She urges kids to report bullying and any inappropriate situations because it’s NEVER okay and everyone deserves to learn in a comfortable, safe environment.

She posted the photos and support on Twitter, challenging others to do the same with, “I’ve shown you mine-now show me your school pic?” Many followed in her footsteps, flooding the platform with support.

Sarah Burton decided to share her photo, and we have to say, she was ahead of the fashion trend of her time–this photo is so 2017! It was nice to see the Internet community band together to end bullying.

This guy Barnsey did his part and let everyone know the most important thing is to be yourself and never let anyone stop you in your journey to self-acceptance.

We love Maureen Meadows message because it may not always feel like you belong somewhere, but one of the wonderful parts of life is all the magnificent people you get to meet along the way. Your tribe may be closer than you think. Remember: Friends are the family that you choose.

Alex Cooper definitely knows how it goes after school, letting everyone know it’s important to be the best version of yourself and to treat others kindly.

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