Transition Into Spring With This Stunning Shoulder Bag

Purses and shoes are a girl’s best accessories, especially when paired up properly. With each season bring forth different weather and color schemes, indulging in an extensive collection of bags and footwear means that transitioning from season to season won’t have to be difficult. If you’re anything like us, then around the time the winter weather begins to pass, you start to garner an itch that can only be scratched by a brand new bag. With spring promoting a color palette of beautiful pastels and nudes, rocking a dark burgundy purse begins to feel a bit out of place. If you’re looking to fulfill your purse needs without spending tons of cash on a designer piece, then you’ll absolutely love this purse suggestion. This Forever 21 Faux Leather Shoulder Bag is the perfect purse to help ring in the spring season with. This structured shoulder bag is available in a beautifully subtle cream shade that will bring about a lighthearted feeling to all of your spring looks. The purse is made from faux leather and features a top strap, a looped drawstring closure, and metallic feet. Since cream is the perfect neutral shade this bag is an excellently versatile piece that can be paired up with just about anything. Finally, our favorite aspect regarding this bag is the phenomenal price. The bag only rings in at $27.90, making it a highly affordable style choice for the upcoming spring season. So treat yourself well this spring and gift yourself this gorgeous and perfectly priced shoulder bag.

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Remi Koene
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