Top Seven Impressive Street Art Pieces in 2013

Top Seven Impressive Street Art Pieces in 2013

It’s no Rembrandt or Monet, not even Dali or Picasso, but street art has now gained its place amongst art lovers. Some still see it as vandalism, but so many people instead appreciate graffiti and other forms of nontraditional art, and love seeing these kind of cleverly designed pieces.

We love street art as well, so we browsed through the most creative pieces and made our top seven favorite artwork. Go on, feast your eyes with these simply impressive street art wonders!

Street art #1: By Sainer from Etam Crew in Lodz, Poland

street art1

Cool street art in Poland

This graffiti picturing a colorful, indie chic girl on a block of flats instantly beautifies a grey area, a building that has not been refurbished yet.

Street art #2: By Natalia Rak, Poland

street art2

Impressive graffiti on Polish streets

Here we have again a piece from Poland. This female artist has cleverly placed the girl holding a sprinkler in her hand over a tree.

Street art #3: Mural by Eduardo Kobra in NYC, USA

street art3

Street art in NYC, dedicated to love

Beams of a multitude of colors spring from this couple in love, painted on a building in New York City. Love makes you see life more in shades of pink, than in grey, isn’t it?

Street art #4: In Chiang Mai, Thailand

street art4

3D graffiti in Thailand

This 3D graffiti piece is amazingly realistic! We are impressed by the details of this artwork.

Street art #5: Gardening with an artistic twist


Clever idea to implement in big cities

Cute idea of plants in tea pots on the streets of busy cities. Every major urban area in the world should implement this, it is a great idea of beautification.

Street art #6: Banksy in North London, UK

street art bansky6

Banksy’s artwork is simply impressive!

This graffiti was made by already world-renowned artist Banksy to ‘celebrate’ the Queen’s diamond jubilee. As many of his works, this is a clear act of protest against the ruling class in general, and against royalty and the way they govern the country in this particular case.

Street art #7: By SmugOne in Glasgow, Scotland

street art 7

Huge graffiti in Scotland

The girl with the magnifier ‘watches over’ the cars in Glasgow. Her size is huge in comparison with the one of the vehicles parked in the street; so it was not hard at all for the creator of this graffiti to give us the impression she can pick up whatever car she chooses at any point in time.

Do you have an all time street art fav? How about these seven on our list, which one do you like the most?

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