Top Seven Impressive Pictures around the World in 2013

Top Seven Impressive Pictures around the World in 2013

We have said it before and would reiterate this truth as often as we can: ‘A picture is worth 1,000 words.’ There is no text, no matter how cleverly written or inspiring it is, that matches a visual image.

Pictures are so powerful, they can transmit a message that sometimes we cannot convey in many, many persuasive words. So, let’s that a look at our top seven favorite pictures around the world in 2013 and let ourselves inspired by these pieces of artwork. From Russia to Japan or Romania, there are so many fantastic places and beautiful images for our eyes to contemplate!

Impressive picture #1: This moon jelly was photographed in such detail that we can see every of its beautiful shades and colors. It’s amazing how such a common jellyfish can be so impressive!

impressive picture_water jelly

Impressive jellyfish. Photograph by Alexander Semenov

Impressive picture #2: Many people like to drink whisky on the rocks. But no so many have thought of taking it so literally. Cheers!

impressive picture2

Impressive picture portraying the notion – whiskey on rocks. Photograph by The Town Sheriff

Impressive picture #3: Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia is home to a breathtaking ice cave. The one-kilometer long tunnel was formed by a hot water spring running under the ice fields near Mutnovsky volcano.

impressive picture3

Impressive ice cave in Russia. Photograph by Marc Szeglat

Impressive picture #4: A different take on wildlife: Solara Santoni sees this lion, normally considered very dangerous and a fierce predator, like just a big cat.

impressive picture4

Impressive picture with lion. Photograph by Solara Santoni

Impressive picture #5: Friendship is one of the most precious ‘things’ a person can have in life. Friends are there for you for better or for worse; who else might shelter you from the rain with their banana leaf? Innocence and pure friendship is what these two schoolboys experience.

impressive picture5

Impressive friendship. Photograph by Kendisan Seruyan

Impressive picture #6: Cherry blossoms are a symbol of Japan during springtime. These lovely fragrant trees in Yokohama can make anybody feel relaxed and 100% happy during an evening stroll.

impressive picture6

Impressive cherry blossoms. Photograph by Agustin Rafael Reyes

Impressive picture #7: The cloud over the old fortress in the city center of Timisoara, Romania, makes this tourist sightseeing look even more beautiful and mysterious.

impressive picture7

Impressive picture in Timisoara, Romania. Photograph by Ervin Boer

Which of these seven impressive pictures around the world in 2013 do you like the most?


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