Top 7 Stylish Sportswear Outfits Combining Utility with Fashion

Top 7 Stylish Sportswear Outfits Combining Utility with Fashion

For the modern fashionista, it is also a must to be in shape. And how can you better stay fit and toned than by doing sports regular. You might like fitness, kickboxing, cycling or aerobics, or maybe choose Pilates, yoga. Indoors or outdoors, whatever sport is good, as long as you exercise.

But if you have a passion for fashion, you will definitely want to look stylish and be in trend at the gym as well. So, here are our top seven picks when it comes to sportswear outfits. You can get inspired by these impressive looks and update your present gear right away, for a spectacular appearance at the gym as well.

Stylish Sportswear #1: Sequined outfit from the House of Laurel


Sequined outfit for the gym from the House of Laurel

Their 2012 collection has a wide variety of clothes with an athletic feel. Now sequins are not only for special occasions and evening wear, you ladies can also wear sequins when exercising!

Stylist Sportswear #2: Lingerie workout editorial from H&M


Let’s Get Physical editorial, H&M

The ‘Let’s Get Physical’ editorial from this worldwide well-known clothes retailer heats things in the gym, providing the public with various sporty lingerie choices.

Stylish Sportswear #3: Jumping outfits from Nike


Nike sports outfit

In their 2013 fall – winter catalogue, Nike features female athletes wearing bright, color coordinated outfits. For example, the shoe laces match the color of the jacket.

Stylish Sportswear #4: Edgy urban outfits from Adidas


Adidas sportswear has an urban feel

Adidas 2013 fall-winter collection brings us edgy, urban outfits for sport lovers. By wearing their pieces when working out, you will look fashion forward and also feel comfy.

Stylish Sportswear #5: Activewear-inspired stilettos


DKNY stilettos are inspired by activewear

DKNY brings together two different styles – elegant and casual/sporty – by designing an activewear inspired pair of high heel shoes: Lancy Bungee Stretch Boots.

Stylish Sportswear #6: Sophisticated sports outfit from Chanel


Chanel brings a sophistication to sportswear

A simple, but classic one-piece bathing suit from Chanel is paired up with metallic jacket and futuristic watch. Glam and sportswear altogether for a fabulous look while working out!

Stylish Sportswear #7: Activewear collaboration between Asos and Puma


Activewear from Puma and Asos

Asos, a big fashion retailer has collaborated with Puma for launching a menswear collection which mixes style and functionality perfectly.

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