Top 10 Sexiest Traditional Women’s Costumes

Top 10 Sexiest Traditional Women’s Costumes

Sexiest traditional women's costumes

Traditional costumes have always been a symbol of pride. They show one’s place of origin and mark their place in society. But, can traditional costumes be sexy as well? Yes, they can. There are many beautiful national costumes in the world that can make a woman feel sexy while wearing them. Here, we will present the top 10 sexiest traditional women’s costumes.

1. Dirndl


The dirndl is a traditional costume worn by women in Germany and Austria. The costume is made of a bodice, blouse, full skirt and an apron. Even though it looks simple at a first glance, the dirndl can be very expensive as some of its variations are made of silk.

2. Sari


A sari is worn by women from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Burma, Malaysia, and Singapore. It is a long strip of unstitched cloth that is draped over the body in different ways. Modern saris have developed different ways of draping and prove to be one of the most versatile and sexiest traditional women’s costumes.

3. Cheongsam


The Cheongsam is a traditional costume from China. It is also known as the mandarin gown. The Cheongsam is in fact a body fitting, one piece dress. Nowadays they are used as everyday clothes, but some of the most impressive ones can be seen in beauty contests.

4. Kimono


Another beautiful traditional women’s wear is the kimono. Kimonos are traditionally worn in Japan by men, women and children. The style differs in each case. Kimono styles range from casual to elegant, depending on the fabric used and the decorations of the fabric.

5. Ao Dai

Ao dai

The Ao Dai can be seen in Vietnam and is commonly worn by women. In the past, this particular garment was considered decadent. However, a surge of popularity in the 1990’s made it the national costume of Vietnam. It is now seen as one of the sexiest traditional women’s costumes in the world.

6. Baju Kurug

Baju  Kurung

Baju Kurug is a traditional Malay costume, whose name means “enclosed dress”. It became popular in the 70s and 80s. The costume is a loose fitting full dress that is formed from a skirt and a blouse. The baju kurug is sometimes made of silk.

7. Tricana poveira


The Tricana poveira is a traditional costume worn by women from Portugal. It is a very colorful costume that gave the ones who wear it, the name of Tricana girls. The costume usually consists in a blouse, a shawl, an apron, a skirt, a handkerchief and glossy high-heeled slippers.



Mummuu is a loose Hawaiian dress. As most Hawaiian articles of clothing it is very colorful and bright. These dressed are often worn at weddings.

9. Traje de flamenca

Flamenco dress

Traje de flamenca or the flamenco outfit is a popular traditional costume from Spain. It was originally worn by Spanish gypsies. It is a long dress that reaches down to the wearer’s ankles. Its trademark feature are the ruffles.

10. Pollera


Pollera is a one piece skirt used mostly in Latin America. These dresses are made from various materials such as cotton or wool. They usually have various, colorful decorations embroidered on them.

What do you think of our top 10 sexiest traditional women’s costumes?

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