Three Impressive Mountains in the World

Three Impressive Mountains in the World

Planet earth is filled with beautiful landscapes and impressive mountains that each geologist would like to explore, each tourist would love to climb and each photographer would love to capture in a unique picture. No matter if you are a geologist, a photographer or a curious traveler, there are some mountains in this world that will leave you speechless with their amazing beauty. Below is a list of 3 impressive mountains.

1. Mount Kinabalu

Mountains, Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu homes over 650 species of ferns, 120 mammal species and 327 species of birds. Over 5000 different species of plants and animals live on this mountain. With a height of 4.094 meters, Mount Kinabalu is the biggest mountain in Borneo. A great thing about this natural attraction is that every person can climb it. A good physical condition and a guide to show you the beauties of the area, is all a curious traveler needs to explore this beautiful mountain.

2. Monte Fitz Roy

Mountains, Monte Fitz Roy

Located at the border between Chile and Argentina, Monte Fitz Roy is a mountain popular among tourists. It has a height of 3,375 meters. Before planning a visit here, you should know that this mountain is very difficult to climb, due to the severe weather specific to this area. Lionel Terray and Guido Magnone, two French alpinists were the first to climb this mountain, back in 1952. Today, Monte Fitz Roy attracts many photographers and tourists because of its unique otherworldly shape.

3. Mountains of Banff

Mountains of Banff

The Mountains of Banff, part of the Banff National Park of Canada, are among the most visited in America. The Banff National Park was established in 1885. The mountains have a high of 3,618 meters, being between 45 and 120 million years old. The entire park is open all year round, but most tourists decide to visit it between July and August. Over 4 million people visit this wonderful location each year. From the mountains of the Valley of the Ten Peaks, tourists can admire the crystal clear water of Moraine Lake and the scenic views. The mountain is great for climbing and hiking. Boat trips on Lake Minnewanka are popular among visitors, too.

Visiting such beautiful places is a one of a kind adventure for any tourist. Would you like to explore such a beautiful mountain on your next vacation?


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