Three Facts to Know about Horses

Three Facts to Know about Horses

Back in time, horses have accompanied humans and helped them in hard working, transportation and many different things. Horses have been man’s best friend and more than that, humans would not have been able to accomplish their work or needs without the help of this beautiful animal. Still, horses are amazing animals. Bellow you can find three interesting facts about these fascinating creatures.

1. Memory

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Horses have a very good memory, so if you ever hurt a horse chances are that this animal will remember your actions for the rest of its life. Latest studies have shown that not only that it understands our words or anticipates our actions, but its memory is equal to the one of an elephant. If you treat him kindly and with love, it will remember you as a friend its entire life. They remember places too, so if you take the horse to a place in which it had a startling experience it will get very nervous.

2. Eyes

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Due to their very peculiar eyes, horses have very good eyesight. With a diameter of 4-5 centimeters, their eyes are considered the largest of any land mammal and 8 times larger than of a humans. The lower parts of their retina see objects at distance and the uppers parts are used for closer viewing. So, this means that horses can see easily an action in the distance.

3. Police horses

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This kind of transportation for police officers has been used since the 17th century, but the first official mounted police unit was created in 1804. It started in London and based on its great success, in a few years America and Australia adopted this idea, too. The idea was great: a policeman riding a huge and beautiful animal enjoyed more respect than an officer on foot. Sadly, now the number of police horses are slowly decreasing due to the use of police motorcycles and other methods of light transport. A few countries still keep a mounted unit around.

Horses are beautiful, intelligent and interesting animals. What is your favorite animal?


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