This Woman’s Message Goes Out To The People Who Don’t Yet Feel Self-Love When They Look In The Mirror

This Woman’s Message Goes Out To The People Who Don’t Yet Feel Self-Love When They Look In The Mirror

Body Positivity, as a movement, has taken over social media and it’s on the rise. The movement has graced our runways and closets, and we’re here for it 100%. In a society that consistently tells women, they’re not enough and that they can always be improved physically, having a positive mindset can be really difficult to maintain. Combine that with the unrealistic beauty and fashion industries, and it’s no wonder the world has been craving a movement like this.

Many celebrities have hopped on board, using their platforms to promote body positivity and remind everyone to love the skin they’re in–“imperfections” and all. Everyday it’s a global struggle to fight the close-minded western perception of beauty that feeds into the idea that plastic surgery can solve all your problems, but for this dedicated community, and one woman in particular, nothing can get in the way.

Michelle Elman decided to share her story and journey with body positivity, via Instagram in hopes to help people struggling with their body image. Elman’s recent post was centered around the smile she wears both before and after her decision to fight her inclination to be hard on her body, stating that there “is no secret” to finding this self-acceptance.

The journey to love ones physical appearance can be one that takes a lifetime, as your body is constantly changing. She encourages her followers to take baby steps and to realize that changing your mindset will take time. She also shared that fortunately, she was able to transition through most of what it took to accept herself, when she was 15.

Although she was young when she stared her Body Positivity journey, she insists that you’re never to old to learn to love and accept yourself and to remember that, “It won’t be a linear uphill journey,” and “There will be some days where you question if you made any progress whatsoever”. Just like any other journey, time will tell all.

The extremely confident and intriguing young woman reminds everyone that this is not just an online movement, but, “This is a real life, let’s fucking accept everyone’s bodies and while we are at it, love ourselves movement”–a statement that is still ringing in our ears. She also reminds us of this video, having a sense of humor in life is a must!


She reminds us all that being positive about your body doesn’t actually stop you, a necessary part of self-acceptance is learning to accept and respect everyone else around you, and that starts with stopping body shaming when you hear it and do your active part to make everyone feel less objectified. She also makes an interesting connection between this journey and life itself, hammering it into our minds that neither our bodies or lives are stagnant and they never will be.

Elman not only shares her personal photos and experiences with self-love and acceptance, but she also started a campaign named “Scared Not Scared” in hopes to encourage men and women alike to embrace their scars and blemishes instead of hiding behind them. No one is born as perfect as our favorite fashion magazines can Photoshop, and it’s time to stop pretending natural isn’t beautiful.

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