This Woman Claimed to be Homeless, Then The Startling Truth Emerged

This Woman Claimed to be Homeless, Then The Startling Truth Emerged
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A Country-Wide Epidemic

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Homelessness is a silent plague that is sweeping America. As the years go on, more and more people become homeless, whether they’re teenagers or seniors in what should be their golden years. As the homeless population grows, so do the number of panhandlers asking the community for money.

Unfortunately, this also leads to some individuals abusing the system. For one Virginia woman, she was about to find out the hard way that homelessness doesn’t pay.

A Professional Panhandler

Image: Youtube/Deplorable News

Very well-known among the residents of Richmond, Virginia, Micha Leigh Dominguez could usually be found at different intersections in the city asking for money. She was known for her very aggressive attitude and pushy nature. And after an incident was caught on camera…she would be known for so much more.

A Woman of Mystery

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Not much was known about Micha, except for what people saw of her on the streets. Thanks to a viral video, her antics, and behaviors toward the public are well-documented and it doesn’t paint her in the best of light. Shaking empty bags and envelopes at cars stopped at the stoplight and begging for spare change aggressively are just a small slice of her daily shenanigans.

What Could Have Been

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Asking for money is nothing new for homeless individuals and for some, they can just get by with the cash they earn on the streets, sometimes for years. Micha may have had the same luck and gone unnoticed, except her attitude was a major problem. Due to her ruthless tactics to shake down people for money, she created a reputation for herself where she was known for her nasty and over-the-top exchanges with people.

If you ran into Micha…you better have some cash to fork over.

You’re on Candid Camera

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While one of the videos of Micha did make the rounds on social media, it isn’t the only form of documentation of her crazy antics. Another video caught her while in a fit of rage at being filmed, where she cursed and made offensive gestures at the camera. Overall, this homeless woman was not grateful and even seemed to have an air of entitlement.

Enough is Enough

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Familiar with Micha’s nasty attitude and almost violent begging to the public, two local Richmond men decided to take matters into their own hands. One day as she was panhandling in the middle of a median, they decided to film her as she paced down the line of cars at the light. Immediately, they realized something was quite suspicious in terms of her behavior.

Mission: Imposter

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The men decided to follow Micha as she left her begging post and headed over to a fast food restaurant’s parking lot. Their video continued at this moment and revealed a shocking truth about the supposed “homeless” woman.

The Façade Crumbles

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As they approached Micha, they caught her rummaging through her things on the hood of a 2014 Fiat SUV. It soon became clear that the car was actually hers. As her scheme began to crumble, the reality of the situation clicked into place for the two men. This woman was not poor, in fact, she seemed pretty well off.

You’re A Fraud

Image: YouTube/Deplorable News

The men continued to follow Micha, who finally took notice and became very suspicious of the men. However, they had a plan to nail her and the scheme she was pulling. They waited patiently until they had a clear view of her face on the camera and then accused her of fraud.

Of course, since she was known for her aggressive nature, she immediately responded with a threat to call the police. Something she would later regret…big time.

Walking A Fine Line

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The accusation by the two men walked a very fine line and by some could have been seen as highly inappropriate. Homeless people tend to live very hard lives and just because they have some nice clothing doesn’t mean they are actually committing fraud. In fact, some homeless own cars and live in them daily.

Panic Sets In

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As the men continued to follow Micha, she began to clearly panic. She rushed to the drive-thru window of the restaurant, hoping to bring the staff into the confrontation. The woman continues to act confused, not sure why she’s being accused of deceiving people, while also threatening to call the police over and over. Clearly, something was very “off” with the woman and her story. But what was it?

Why Not Just Go?

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During the confrontation, which lasts several minutes, Micha had the opportunity to get in her car and leave on more than one occasion. Some believe that this could have incriminated her even more. And according to the local news, the car may not have even been hers, in fact, some evidence points to it being a rental.

The plot thickens…

The Authorities Arrive

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Refusing to admit to fraud and claiming she was being harassed, Micha called the police on the two men filming her. However, once they got involved, things didn’t necessarily go according to her plan. In fact, she may have made things much worse for herself by placing a target on her back.

The Jig Is Up

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The two men chose to post the video of Micha and her antics online, and the video immediately went viral. Of course, the residents of Richmond were reasonably angry, believing that this woman had preyed on their kindness and good nature. Soon, Micha found herself harassed by the locals when trying to panhandle on the median. One man even went as far as holding a “She’s Not Homeless” sign next to her all day.

Lashing Out At the Public

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With the video going viral and revealing her scheme, Micha’s aggressive behavior only got worse. She lashed out at people on the street, called the police to complain about harassment and even began to throw drinks at parked cars. Given her history in the area, the attitude wasn’t surprising, but it wasn’t painting her in the best of light or helping her case of being a poor homeless woman.

You’re Under Arrest

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Unfortunately for Micha, the police were not about to protect her from the “scary locals.” In fact, they arrested her for throwing bottles or “missiles” at cars. Talk about a shocking turn of events for someone who claimed to be a victim.

Nationwide Attention

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Micha’s story soon took the media by storm with many wondering who she was and how she got away with scamming people for so long. There were many mysteries surrounding her and her actions, but a social media post by a Richmond local attempted to clear up the matter.

A Group of Modern Gypsies

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According to a post on Facebook, Micha Dominguez was part of a gypsy group that panhandled all over the state of Virginia. The post also confirmed that the Fiat belonged to the group and that they had up to three cars they used to pull off the scheme. Of course, these allegations remain unconfirmed, so have to be treated as a rumor for now, but it does seem to fit in with what the videos of Micha revealed.

Moving On

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After her arrest, Micha and her aggressive antics disappeared by from the Richmond area. According to some locals, they’ve spotted her in different areas, but it seems she wizened up and decided to move her operation elsewhere. This is probably for the best considering the circumstances.

An Insult to the Real Homeless of Our Nation

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Micha Dominguez’s actions are a disgrace. She not only embarrassed herself, but her scheme was a direct insult to the real homeless people of America. We can only hope that people who fake being homeless do not sway the public from helping those who are really in need of a helping hand.

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