They Thought Their Missing Son Had Returned, Nothing Could Have Prepared Them for the Truth

A Child Vanishes

Image: Direct Expose

In 1994, a young boy from Texas vanished without a trace. His family was devastated, and lives were completely destroyed. However, years later, he was found…in a different country. To say his family was thrilled to have their son back would be an understatement.

Unfortunately, this family would soon learn…be careful what you wish for.


The Pain of Loss

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No one can understand the pain and heartache of losing a child. Whether through death or kidnapping, finding closure can be a hard thing to achieve and for many families, denial is the best course of action. For one family, they would finally find closure, but the truth seemed almost too good to be true.


A Troubled Family

Image: DirectExpose

Growing up in San Antonio, Texas, Nicholas Barclay’s home life was far from perfect. Not only did he fight with his parents all the time, but his demeanor was quite aggressive to other students, teachers, and family members.

Nothing But Trouble

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Nicholas seemed to have a knack for getting into trouble. Whether it was at school or at home, his parents were at their wit’s end on what to do with him. At one point, they were even considering sending him off to military school, hoping that would straighten him out.