These Crazy Shoes are Made by Kermit Tesoro

These Crazy Shoes are Made by Kermit Tesoro

Tentacle shoes by Kermit Tesoro

It is a well known fact that women love shoes. Ladies are always on the search for that perfect pair of shoes that compliments the newest dress or skirt they had just purchased. Be they high-heeled or not, they will never say no to having variety in their wardrobes. However, the shoes designed by Kermit Tesoro might just challenge their imagination. The Filipino fashion and shoe designer decided to dazzle people with his positively crazy shoe variations.

The 27 year old fashion designer studied at UP Diliman College of Fine Arts. His outlandish designs attracted the attention of Lady Gaga who admired his skull-heel shoes. As such, his designs began being featured in Gaga’s Gilt collection. Talking about the way he comes up with such crazy ideas, Kermit Tesoro said: “I want to translate people’s deviations into my own creations. It’s like a fashion interpretation of the biological or psychological deviation of a person. I’ve always been driven to create clothing articles based on inner conflicts or the inability to control one’s inner impulses or failure to structure one’s behavior in an orderly way.”

Skull heels

His latest creations are called POLYPODIS. They are a pair of shoes that surround the foot in many winding tentacles. Each tentacle is painted in a gorgeous shade of deep-sea blue. During an interview for stylebible, the artist talked about himself, revealing he loves going to hardware stores, collects books and is inspired by the Art Nouveau movement. “Alphonse Maria Mucha is one who greatly influenced me in the visual arts. Nicolas Ghesquière, Riccardo Tisci, Alexander McQueen, and our very own Ramon Valera for fashion. Sebastian Bach for music,” he added.

Kermit Tesoro will continue pouring his inspiration into new and outlandish designs. He advises aspiring artists to study, research, learn and identify their crafts. Would you like to wear such a pair of shoes?

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