These Beautiful Scarves Will Make Your Soul Fly

These Beautiful Scarves Will Make Your Soul Fly

Beautiful scarves - owl

Birds have always been a powerful and loved motif whenever style and design were involved. The feeling of flying and soaring above the lands is what draws us to them. We paint wing tattoos in our skin, we choose jewelry that depicts birds of wisdom and sometimes our clothes show bird motifs. However, with her beautiful scarves, Roza Khamitova takes things one step further. Roza Khamitova is a former Kazakhstan native who now lives in Melbourne, Australia. Her scarves exploit the bird motif in a creative and stunning way. Each scarf, when worn as a shawl, creates the illusion that the person wearing it is actually unfurling a large pair of wings. In addition to their beauty, each design is authentic, created by the artist herself. Afterwards, the drawings are digitally printed on the material.

Talking about her working method, Roza Khamitova explained: “I stay sensitive to the way my artwork makes me feel, and that is the most exciting experience… as long as the judgmental mind doesn’t get involved, it becomes a meditation. It becomes a certain interaction with my piece…allowing intuition and every germ of a feeling to grow to completion utterly in myself, in the darkness, in the indescribable, unconscious, at times inaccessible to my own understanding and I await with deep humbleness… the moment of the birth of clarity.”

Birdwing Scarves

One can easily observe the attention to detail the artist shows to her designs. She chooses an array of pastel and neutral colors that create a image that speaks for itself. It is not over-realistic; on the contrary, it mesmerizes the user with its ethereal quality. The scarves are painted on cotton, they are non-itch and non-toxic and above all they are recyclable. 

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