These 2018 Summer Fashion Trends Are Taking the World By Storm

These 2018 Summer Fashion Trends Are Taking the World By Storm

Crazy Crayola


We all love the basics–and this Fashion Week  designer’s showed us how they get back to the core, the basics–primary colors. Color blocking in Crayola reminiscent colors had us all felling nostalgic and excited for all that this spring and summer has to offer. Vibrant red made its way across many runways from Victoria Beckham to Preen. Bold and bright head-to-toe looks like these were clear statement pieces on the catwalk this sunny season.

Let’s see this trend on the street to see how people actually wear it.

Color Blocking Street Style

One of the best part about any fashion week, Paris, NY, or Milan–is seeing the street style of everyone’s favorite trends. It’s how real people interpret the most up and coming designs and how they honor their favorite designers as they watch or admire their shows.

This women is killing it in this head-to-toes red look! Proof that color blocking primary colors is a wonderful thing.

Wait until you see a new spin on a classic trend.


Pastels hit the runway this PFW too, but everyone added a little something different to their interpretation. Céline paring two pastels together and playing with illusion, Preen playing with abstract silhouette Chanel giving their girl some serious sass with all that jewelry, and Armani attracting a younger crowd with playful lengths in their Emporio collection.

Pastel Street Style

This women shows fashion photographers her take on this years hot pastel trend, giving it life with these cropped pastel lilac jeans. The way she breaks up the color blocking with an eye catching silver shoe and a plastic hat giving necessary texture, is almost like the perfect amount of seasoning on a long worked meal.

This women also shows how pastels can make a statement, and a good one at that. She could have gotten lost in all that volume, yet her cinched waist ties it all together–literally.

If you thought spring couldn’t be glam, then think again.

Sequins and Sparkles

This year at NYFW we saw something that is usually reserved for the holiday season–sequins and sparkles. But no one shied away from these long and bold statement pieces, many embracing them loud and proud. Tom Ford, Oscar de la Renta, Coach, Mark Jacobs, Michael Kors, almost everyone at least had a hint. This trend is likely to stay, as it was inspired by a time that seems to be all over fashion houses this year.

But first, lets check out how these looks made their way to the streets.

Sparkling Street Style

Everyone needs a pair of these wide leg sequin trousers. And I have to say, she’s rocking them with that shoe and tight combo. If you can’t see yourself rocking these loud pants, the next one is right for you.

A more subtle approach to sequins, this look is just as stunning. Understated sexy is always stylish. Sequins are just the beginning of the era that is back in fashion, yes that’s right, the 80’s are back.

80’s, Baby

Fabrics weren’t the only reminders that the 80’s is coming back with a flair, we saw some silhouettes that said the same thing. Broad shoulders and boxy coats, high-waisted jeans and . Everything had a new twist, but there was no doubting it was meant to bring us back.

Let’s see how the 80’s have inspired people everywhere.

80’s Street Style

This long sequin 80’s prom dress inspired look shouldn’t make me as happy as it does, because lets face it, the 80’s wasn’t the best for memorable gowns, but it does. The fabric and shoulder work screams 1980 but the embroidery and styling bring it to modern times.

This is the perfect example of how to update an old silhouette to modern times. An ultra high-waist screams the 80’s, yet her tiny cropped jacket and styling keep it current.

Animal prints were found all over too, giving us a total 80’s vibe.

Animals Attack

Animal prints always circulate the fashion scene but this season it was in full force. Pictured above is Tom Ford with the all red-cheetah, Adam Selman in the center with the slouchy shoulder piece, and Michael Kors in a classic yet modern cheetah trench. Fashion week’s street style is arguably better than the shows themselves, and my next photo is proof.

Street Style Takes The Jungle

These yellow trousers compliment this long cheetah trench perfectly, fitting her perfect pop of hair effortlessly. These bright colors soften up the heaviness associated with such a loud print.

Now this, this is how you color block with print. And the fact that she matched these cheetah prints so well, is magical. Not to mention, everyone needs a pair of those glasses.

Animal prints aren’t the only loud prints making a statement on the runway.

Checks for Spring

It seems as though the theme for this spring/summer lines is to use unexpected fabrics, breaking seasonal boundaries, and doing it in style. A checks as usually reserved for fall/winter lines, because again, it can get heavy. But many designers, like pictured above, show us how to lighten them up. Pair a print like this with the right silhouette, and you’ve got some amazing pieces hitting the streets.

Checks Hit The Street

When a print like this is put on a silk or delicate fabric like this, it basically does the work for you. Pair it with bold and complimentary shoes, and you’re ready to go.

Here is another great example of how to stretch out that winter wardrobe and incorporate it into spring and summer, simply by playing with colors. Even if you have a heavy wool pant like this, you can spring it up with a pastel top and bright shoes.

There was something else unexpected that hit runways all over the world.


Feathers–from embellishments to full gowns– they took over this year right alongside sequins. There were jackets, dresses, boots, and just about everything in between. Although you may have to hold these off until April showers are over and May flowers are in full bloom, because these are definitely not rain ready.

Off The Runway Feathers

What better way to wear feathers practically than to wear a knee-length skirt covered in them. High enough not to hit the ground, yet long enough to give that chic off the runway look.

Another chic way we saw feathers hit the street-scene is this understated yet glam concept pictured above. Everyone loves a good feather cuff.

Ethereal Softness

Another strong theme seen during fashion week was this type of ethereal softness, mostly interpreted through fur, lace, and dainty designs. Here we see, from left to right, Christian Siriano, Tory Burch, Marina Moscone and Brock Collection. I’m here for this dreamy feminine vibe, especially because you can pair it with harder, more edgy pieces.

Let’s see how these looks translated to the street.

Soft Street Style

This combination of chiffon and lace gives that soft, fairy-like look. The belt adds a little roughness and brings the eye to the smallest part–the waist. Ruffles are back baby.

Paris fashion week has the best street style, as you can see here with this lace dress and blue blazer overlay. The juxtaposition of the delicate lace and the structure of  the blazer and belt compliment each other perfectly.

It seems that this spring/summer is all about texture.


Does fringe ever really go out of style? No, and for good reason. It’s fun, playful, and flirty–perfect for spring. Fringe is the perfect way to add texture to any outfit, and the sight of it makes people happy because it brings any outfit to life.

Fringe puts on a show on the catwalk and sidewalk alike.

Fringe Takes Ready To Wear

I wouldn’t want to take these pants to the streets of NY as they may do a little street cleaning on the way, but regardless, THEY’RE FABULOUS. Accent or main attraction, fringe is here to stay.

Fringe doesn’t just come in one form, as you can see here with this tassel skirt. Think about this skirt in motion–FLAWLESS!

Many designers decided to show us their interpretation of tropical glam, something we see time and time again, only not like this.

Palm Beach Glamour

Another trend that feels perfect for warm weather is the ultra-glamorous palm beach glamour that flooded the runways. Tons of colorful prints unafraid to mix and match. Marc Jacobs comments were right on point, stating the goal was to be like a 1960’s palm beach socialite only kicked up a notch or three, and he hit the nail right on the head. Interestingly enough, street style everywhere has seen this sunny influence.

Tropical Two-Piece

Sleeper sets have been on trend all year, and now that it’s almost summer they’re coming to life in tropical prints. This brings a more relaxed and casual socialite, verses the over-the-top runway art we got to witness.

This whole re-purposed dads Hawaiian shirt is really starting to grow on me, especially since this can be dressed up or down, as shown here.

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