The New Wool Sneakers That Are Changing Up The Shoe Game

Sneaker fans it’s time to finally rejoice as the newest innovation surrounding the shoe world is a real game changer. One of the biggest complaints that sneaker fans have always made is that sneakers tend to lack the versatility of other shoes. Outside of the gym and casual days, sneakers really aren’t a viable shoe option. However, a new sneaker company known as Allbirds has decided to change up the perception surrounding sneakers by creating a super comfortable shoe that you’ll want to practically live in. The New Zealand based brand has unleashed a new type of sneaker, crafted from wool. The wool material makes the sneaker unlike any other, as your feet will feel like they’ve found foot heaven. The sneakers are called the “Wool Runner” and can be worn without socks as well as the shoes were created with odor-minimizing qualities as well as moisture-wicking properties. The shoes are also incredibly lightweight and flexible, making them a fantastic shoe to go running in. Another amazing aspect with these sneakers? Once they start getting a bit dirty or spotty, you can simply throw them into the washing machine, as it won’t destroy the material. The brand is also donating used and returned shoes and is making huge efforts to leave a small carbon footprint on the earth. The sneakers are currently priced at $95 and are available in a four different shades, with a neutral gray, a bright red and simplistic blue.

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Remi Koene
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