The 20 Best Party Schools

20. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


In recent years, college and universities have been battling it out for the title of the best party school, all determined to throw the craziest party since Gatsby.

Starting with The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, although tame for this list, this school is party central. Known for their late night ragers and rule-bending attitudes, these students run this campus. These next schools, however, really don’t hold back.

19. University of California – Santa Barbara


UCSB or also known around the country as The University of California Santa Barba is quite literally located in paradise. Taking up much of the Pacific Palisades in Santa Barba, this university is located right on the beach, the perfect location for ragers.  UCSB also boasts to be one of the most engaged Greek systems out of all of the UC schools, so much so, that students from neighbouring UCLA and USC are known to stop by. But how do they stack up to our next party school?

18. Miami University


Although the name says Miami, this school is located in Ohio, not Florida. However, their location doesn’t stop them from raging on. Just north of Cincinnati, the Redhawks of Miami University take tailgates and football games very seriously and they are known to have infectious school spirit.  The university has some very notable alumni such as actor Nick Lachey,  Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, and even current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Paul Ryan.

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17.Colgate University


Colgate is a private liberal arts college located in Madison County, New York. This university is best known for their active Greek life scene and prestigious black tie events. Colgate gives a whole new meaning to the term party school, as the party scene here is far more upscale and posh than your average college’s Greek row. Located just a stone’s throw from the Big Apple, these students have learned how to party from the best.

However, the next school’s tailgate parties will put any black-tie event to shame.

16. University of Georgia


Just north of the poppin’ city of Atlanta, the University of Georgia is bursting with school pride, sold-out football games, massive tailgate parties, and one of the most notable Greek life social scenes in the country. Over 40% of the university is actively enrolled in the school’s Greek system, essentially making one massive party, weekend after weekend. When frat parties get old, all the legal drinkers head off to the local bar scene Atlanta is known for. Although, this next party school will give these partying footballers a run for their money.

15.University of Massachusetts


Work hard play hard is the unofficial motto of this active school. The University of Massachusetts strives to be seen as a top their university for academics but it also upholds a very active Greek life program. This school also took home the Princeton Review Party School Award in 2005, 2006, and 2007, which is a pretty notable streak. But have you ever heard of a school that gives free drinks to its students? Check out our next school to find out!

14. West Virginia University


West Virginia University has been featured in many viral “I’m Smacked” videos highlighting its insane party and nightlife scene. The videos are a part of a viral video series that highlights the latest and greatest college parties around the country and is considered a great honor to be featured in the notoriously wild party scene focused platform. This is also one of the only universities in the country that offers free drinks to students of legal drinking age, every single Thursday night. Let’s hope they’re passing out some Hangover Tea with those drinks, or else Friday morning classes might not have the best attendance.

If that doesn’t scream like a recipe for a ranging party school I don’t know what else does. Who could top that?

13. University of Wisconsin


The University of Wisconsin might not offer free drinks to their students, but they almost consider partying an official college-wide sport with the dedication they show to their booze-filled festivities. Some of the largest campus-wide festivities include Halloween, the Mifflin Street Block Party, where the entire campus shuts down, and of course St. Patrick’s Day. Our next school has some pretty notable parties, including one that lasts an entire month!

12. Syracuse University


Syracuse University is known for its “work hard play hard” mentality and has also taken home numerous awards in the party school hall of fame. The school won The Princeton Review Party School Award in 2012 and 2013, and the Newsweek Party School Award in 2011. They are also known for their Football Saturday parties and Mayfest, which is a series of themed parties that take place throughout the entire month of May.

The next University on this list has such cold winters, all they can do is drink.

11.Indiana University


Indiana University might see some pretty cold winters but the party scene is always hot. With an incredible basketball team and loyal following, it’s not just football games that have students celebrating on this campus, they party hard for all their sports teams. Double the amount of parties means double the amount of hangovers for the students of Indiana University. Cold weather doesn’t do a hangover any justice, so it would be wise to bust out a piping hot mug of Hangover Tea if you’re planning on attending. The fresh blend of yerba mate, milk thistle, and antioxidants is a great way to keep the hangovers at bay. 

10. Tulane University


Tulane is also located in one of the most vibrant and beautiful cities in America for nightlife, New Orleans. You can bet your tuition the students at Tulane have Mardi Gras parties down to a science. These students have even been recognized by Playboy for some of their grand parties. If that doesn’t show some dedication to partying, I don’t know what does. New Orleans brings the heat but is nothing compared to the festivities that go down on this next midwestern campus.

9. University of Iowa


The University of Iowa is also a major contender for the title of the best party school, as they have taken home multiple awards for their booze-fueled antics. They’re also known around the country for their Football Saturdays which are rumored to be some of the booziest, and hangover filled weekends in the Midwest. It’s common practice for students to spend Friday mornings prepping for the long weekend of debauchery by brewing up some fresh Hangover Tea. It’s not your average tea, it’s full of antioxidants and natural remedies to keep them going all weekend long hangover free. They learned pretty quickly that if you want to avoid the puke and rally, it’s best to have a cup before their first drink, and after their last.

8. Ohio University


Ohio University claims a very high spot up in the rankings of biggest party schools in the country and although it may lack the beaches that UCSB has or the nightlife that the University of Georgia has, Ohio University still packs a punch when it comes to campus parties. With notorious campus-wide parties such as Palmerfest, Mill Fest, High Fest, 8Fest, #Fest, and Mom’s Weekend–there are so many reasons to celebrate in addition to the greek scene and football season. Next up, one of the most famous colleges in the US.

7. Pennsylvania State University


The party scene at Penn State is second to none. Day drinking is basically an extracurricular activity when the weekend rolls around on campus. Penn State also has some pretty notable parties that have even garnered media attention such as The Syllabus Week Party, Football Saturdays, State Paddy’s Day, Blue and White Game Day, and Arts Fest!

6. Florida State University


With wild and crazy booze filled pool parties that make headlines each and every weekend its safe to say that staying cool in the Florida heat is much easier than avoiding the Florida State hangover. Yes, they even have a name for their hangovers! Fortunately, those who come prepared can avoid such a notorious situation. It’s said that the back to school packing list for Florida State includes sunscreen, aloe, and of course the most important thing, Hangover Tea. Bursting with the antioxidants necessary for the endless sea of pool parties and tailgates, not one is caught without it.

Next up: A school dedicated to the best bar scene.

5. Rutgers University


At Rutgers University there is said to be an entire 10-block street solely dedicated to all the bars you’ll black out in, and the restaurants where you’ll be eating your late night munchies. But beyond that are the infamous booze filled Rutgers house parties. With themed parties lined up like ‘Turbo Tuesday’ and ‘Thirsty Thursday’, it’s hard to find a day when this campus isn’t filled with drunken shenanigans. With parties of every sort at every turn, it’s safe to say there is never a dull moment on this college campus. However, this next party school has been known across the nation for its type of partying.

4. The University of Alabama


I think it goes without saying that The University of Alabama makes the list as the reigning champ of party schools, football fandom, which is almost considered a form of religion in Alabama, and of course the classic all American tailgate. Life at The University of Alabama is said to be the inspiration behind so many classic college frat films. Alabama ranks 4th in the nation for the most amount of binge drinking so it should be no surprise to anyone that hangover cures like Hangover Tea are not just necessary but crucial to your back to school shopping when attending The University of Alabama. With many bars, right on-campus students don’t even need to venture out very far to find a wild night. As they say in Alabama, Roll Tide!

3. University of Florida


The University of Florida is very serious about two subjects: pool parties and football games. Its safe to say that swimwear is most college students daily attire and when they are not getting a tan at the pool they are most likely celebrating a football game victory at one of the many infamous University of Florida tailgates parties.  Beating out the University of Alabama which has been the reigning champ of party schools for the longest time, you best believe that The University of Florida holds their title as 3rd best party school in the nation near and dear to their hearts.

2. University of Delaware


The University of Delaware took home the Newsweek Party School Award in 2011 as well as landing a spot in the BroBible Editorial Selection- a website dedicated to college campus party scenes from around the world. This campus has so many crazy parties that it actually garnered a bit of a notorious reputation for it’s out of hand drunken frat antics that have taken place but luckily the main priorities of students are making sure that having fun comes second to the safety of their fellow classmates. This campus might be good at partying but they are still second fiddle to our next school on the list!

1. Louisiana State University


The incredible amount of energy that is in the air outside of Tiger Stadium around football season is something inescapable for LSU students. Tailgate parties are not just a football tradition on campus but a way of life. There is a lot to be cheerful about as Louisiana State University claims the undisputed title of Best Party School in America, and not just on this list but all across the internet, too.

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