Team Of 19 Build A World Record Sandcastle In Germany

Team Of 19 Build A World Record Sandcastle In Germany

Most people who grew up near a beach have at least one fond memory of attempting to construct a majestic sandcastle. A beach is a wonderful place; full of sand you can spread your toes in and an abundance of warm salty air that ever so gently flows across your face.  At any given summer moment there are children at play, hustling to grab all the buckets they can to stuff with sand in hopes of building the best sandcastle on the beach.

Not to say yours wasn’t spectacular, but a team of 19 recently impressed some of the worlds most talented artists with their world record breaking castle. For some, building sandcastles isn’t just for fun, but it’s a lifestyle. The world of sand sculpting is highly competitive and every year new artists have jaws dropping with their insanely detailed, yet massive sculptures. This year, a team from all over the world (10 nations to be exact) joined forces in Duisburg, Germany to design and create one of the most intense sandcastles of all time.

Coming together to create a concept, the team decided it would be a marvelous idea to center the sculpture around the theme of tourism. However, they didn’t just want to create an awesome sandcastle–they wanted to build the biggest one, EVER! It wasn’t going to be an easy task by any means, the record holder they had to beat built a castle that was 48.8 feet tall! This wasn’t their first attempt either, last year they got so close, yet failed to finish.

This year, they weren’t taking any chances! They decided to use a finer quartz sand for a better hold in hopes to have a secure final product, unlike last year. One of the team members, Ukrainian sculptor Eugenia Kolot told Reuters gave her reasoning to why the sculpture was better this year, “It did not collapse because the quality of the sand was better than previous attempts, the weather was good and very good planning.”

The 360 sculpture features landmarks from all over the world, incorporating figures from many different cultures, which give it a unified feeling. The famous landmarks include Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia, the Great Sphinx of Giza Rialto Bridge, Venice’s Rialto Bridge, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and even the gravesite of Elvis Presley.

The sculpture in its totality took around three weeks to come together, nearly disintegrating in the process. Before they were able to finish, a portion of the sculpture collapsed but fortunately, they were able to complete it and earned their spot in the Guniess Book of World Records with a finished sculpture standing at 54.72 feet tall!

The sculpture is great for the town too, as it brought nearly 180,000 tourists and locals who wanted to view this spectacular event. The impressive sandcastle will be open to public viewing until late September 2017.


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