Strimling House: A Beauty of the Last Century

Strimling House: A Beauty of the Last Century

Strimling House

Ray Kappe was born in 1927, in Minneapolis. His parents were Romanian immigrants. He studied architecture and became an award winning architect. In 1972, he and some of his former colleagues and students from California State Polytechnic University founded the Southern California Institute of Architecture.  He started working with LivingHomes in 2006. He turned his attention towards sustainable and modular designs. His first project with LivingHome won the AIA’s top sustainability award in 2007. However, all of his projects enjoy renown. Among his earlier masterpieces is the Strimling House that can be found in Encio, California.

Strimling House room

The house was built in 1964. It was recently restored by the interior designer Sarah Rosenhaus. Upon restoring the house’s former glory, Rosehaus took into account its original details, the ones that made it unique. Inside the Strimling House, one can see Ray Kappe’s signature details such as redwood beams and floor-to-ceiling windows.


Upon restoring the house, Sarah Rosenhaus kept the original color of the walls in mind and restored it to them. The kitchen was refinished and updated. The old appliances were changed with new, modern ones. However, the layout was kept intact. Moreover, the cabinetry remained the same.


Other rooms were completely renovated. The bathrooms, for example, were modernized and brought up to date.

Living room

As far as the furnishing goes, it is a mix of the old and new. In the house, several mid-century pieces can be seen alongside modern one. In this way, the house gives a vintage vibe, but blends in well with the new trends in interior design. If you enjoy pottery, you can admire a mid-century earthenware collection that is placed on a shelf near the living room.

Mid-century pottery

The house has 4 bedrooms and stretches over 4.500 square feet. It is surrounded by beautiful greenery and mature trees that fit perfectly with the interior design. All in all, the Strimling House gives the feel of a treehouse. Would you like to visit it?

( Source: Apartment therapy and Dwell on design ; Image source: Design-milk )

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