Strangers Form Human Chain To Save Elderly Man From Flooded Waters

Strangers Form Human Chain To Save Elderly Man From Flooded Waters

It seems as if the world is at war with Mother Nature, because lately it’s impossible to turn on the news without hearing details about the aftermath of hurricane after hurricane. Category 3 hurricane Harvey devastated many Texans by taking their homes, and for some, even their family members.

When flood waters threatened to harm an elderly man, strangers banned together and proved this country is not divided, but truly united. What these strangers did in the face of adversary is a perfect example of how humanity, sympathy, and empathy have the power to not only save lives, but change the lives of everyone involved.

For many, the storm hit fast–too fast. While everyone was trying to evacuate the winds and rains picked up so quickly, that some even got caught in their cars while trying to flee. For one man, that is exactly what happened and it quickly went from bad to worse.

A local who was near the man filmed a group of strangers, forming a human chain around the man’s car. They did this to ensure the man would be saved and not forgotten. The bravery and care for human life is more than honorable and gives me chills just writing about it.

The video shows the strangers rushing to the aid of the trapped man, with absolutely no hesitation. The flood waters were rising and already at chest level making the situation extremely dangerous, which is why their act of kindness is even more admirable.

The videos and pictures have gone viral, making many proud to be American’s once again. Although the hurricanes hitting the US are tragic, creating billions of dollars in damages, and taking lives of innocent citizens, the unity shown in the wake of these disasters has given us all hope for the future.

The Internet has erupted with praise and acknowledgements to the brave Texans that worked so hard to save the trapped man in the wake of Harvey. Many tweets and social media posts have flooded timelines and we have to say, we’re glad to see this country so unified, especially in a time of such political and social chaos.

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