Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Servers Will Go Down For A Server Restart

The Star Wars Beta battle saga is raging and has been verified to continue till October 13th. The game’s beta is hugely popular and is being taken offline for a limited time frame that being a few minutes. If it takes longer than this then you might have to go check the Battlefront Forums for new updates. The server restart is expected to be performed on all platform i.e. PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Star Wars: Battlefront’s representatives posted,

Our team will be performing server restarts across all servers on all platforms. We do not expect significant downtime, but players will be removed from their match at the end of the round to the main menu to allow the servers to restart. Players can re-enter matches right away.

Restart Info: When:  EU: 6 PM PST / 0300 CEST NA East Coast: 9 PM PST / 0600 CEST Downtime: Players will be removed from their match at the end of their current round. Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One

Thank you for participating in the Star Wars Battlefront Beta and we look forward to getting you back online quickly.”

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Katie Zahel
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