Spencer Byles Created Amazing Forest Sculptures

Spencer Byles Created Amazing Forest Sculptures

Spencer Byles Sculptures

Forest are most often the stage for the most astonishing and creative pieces of art. Their verdant green and mysterious shadows have led them to being featured in novels, photography and paintings. Now, artist Spencer Byles takes things one step further. In an extraordinary act of devotion to his art, the artist remained in the forest for one year in order to create spectacular sculptures made out of organic materials.

Spencer Byles spent twelve months in the  woodlands of La Colle sur Loup, Villeneuve-Loubet, and Mougins in order to bring his unique idea to fruition. In the first forest, the artist even lived with his family. Surrounded by flora and fauna, he gathered only organic materials and built artwork that was able to blend seamlessly with the environment.

The location of Byles’ works is kept a secret. In this way, people are able to come across his works by accident, when they roam the woods. When coming face to face with woven sculptures and suspended symbols made from twisted branches, the viewers will be faced with a dilemma: who was it that created such sculptures? Nature, man or supernatural forces?

The sculptures of Spencer Byles were not made to last. In time, each of them will be reclaimed by the natural environment that helped the artist give birth to it. Talking about his work, the sculptor explained its poetic and philosophical impact: “The temporary nature of my sculptures is an important aspect of my experiences and understanding. I feel my sculptures are only really completed when nature begins to take hold again and gradually weave its way back into the materials. At this point it slowly becomes part of nature again and less a part of me.”

For those who are unable to roam the woods where these sculptures were created, images of the collection can be seen on the artist’ website. What do you think of Spencer Byles’ sculptures?

Source and Images: boredpanda.com and mymodernmet.com

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