Someone Bought An Old Storage Space For $500 And Found A Hidden Safe Inside

Someone Bought An Old Storage Space For $500 And Found A Hidden Safe Inside

The TV show Storage Wars is one of the History Channel’s biggest hits and there is no doubt about that. Millions of people are tuning in every night to see what kind of precious items the show’s stars find and even though this is rare, normal people are making fortunes by buying old storage spaces for the cheap and selling what’s inside. One woman who decided to buy a storage space for $500 from Dan Dotson found a safe inside and she got so rich that neither her nor her children have to worry about paying rent for the years to come.

20. Storage Wars

The History Channel features lots of awesome shows that teach people about the old ways of the Vikings and medieval rulers, but the one show that gets the most views is none other than Storage Wars. People just love to see the show’s stars getting rich by buying storage spaces on the cheap.

19. Rare Event

Even though the show might make it seem like all storage spaces contain hidden treasures, this is not actually the case. Finding valuable items that have been forgotten in a storage space is actually quite rare.

18. Dan Dodson

This man is Dan Dodson and he is one of the most popular people to appear on Storage Wars. What makes Dan Dodson different from all the other personalities on the show is the fact that he doesn’t just buy forgotten storage spaces, he also sells them.

17. Big Mistake

One day, Dan Dodson posted a tweet in which he said he made the biggest mistake of his life. He sold a storage space to a woman for $500 and the mistake here is that there was a hidden safe inside the lot that Dan didn’t know about.

16. Bad Deal

Even though Dan was pleased with the $500 deal at first, he soon found out that he couldn’t be more wrong. A woman recently visited him at his office and had some big news to share with the Storage Wars start. She told him about the hidden safe.

15. The Hidden Safe

Dan Dodson didn’t want to reveal the name of the woman who purchased the storage space, but he did say the exact sum of money that was found inside the hidden safe. The sum is so big that Dan’s tweet went viral in less than 24 hours.

14. Safe Cracker

According to Dan’s tweets, the woman hired an expensive safe cracker after she discovered it. However, paying the safe cracker his fee was more than worth it because what she found inside changed her life forever!

13. Bag of Cash

The first thing that the woman saw when the safe was cracked open is that a huge bag filled with cash is hidden inside. She couldn’t believe her eyes! She just hit the jackpot.

12. The Jackpot

After taking out the money from the bag and counting them, the woman realized that she is now the proud owner of $7.5 million in cash! This is when she started thinking about the previous owner of the money. He surely wants it back, right?

11. Getting Rich

Everyone dreams about getting rich overnight and it looks like the woman who decided to purchase a storage space for only $500 from Dan Dodson was lucky enough that her dream turned to reality. Can you believe that?

10. Accusations

As you can imagine, people started accusing Dan Dodson of making up the entire story. The reason behind this is that he didn’t want to reveal the woman’s name or where the storage space was located.

9. Keeping a Secret

Dan Dodson posted another tweet in which he said that he has a good reason to keep the woman’s name a secret. Just think about it, would you want everyone to know that you just got $7.5 million in cash laying around your living room?

8. The Deal

Unfortunately, the woman didn’t get to keep the entire sum of money. The previous owner of the storage space called his lawyers and he struck a deal with the woman and she got to keep $1.2 million.

7. The Question

Dan Dodson decided to post another tweet online in which he asked his followers if they would have taken the $1.2 million deal? Or if they would have kept the money instead.

6. Starting Drama

Instead of getting proper responses from his followers, everyone started doubting Dan Dodson’s story even more. Who would ever forget about a storage space if they had $7.5 million hidden in a inside?

5. Paying The Rent

The biggest flaw in this story is that the person who hid the $7.5 million forgot to pay the rent for the storage space. This just doesn’t make sense. Anyways, we think it’s safe to say that Dan Dodson achieved his goal of making headlines.

4. Good Publicity

Even though this story might prove to be false, Dan Dodson did exactly what he wanted. He got people to talk about him and the Storage Wars show.

3. Inspiring People

Another thing that we can be sure about has to be the fact that more people are now going to be inspired to spend their hard-earned money on buying storage spaces. Everyone wants to find a hidden safe and we can’t blame them for that.

2. Great Deal

If there is something that we all can agree about, then it has to be that the woman got a great deal. Even though she didn’t get to keep the entire sum of money, $1.2 million in cash is still a whole lot of money.

1. Buying Storage Spaces

Doesn’t this miraculous story of a woman finding $7.5 million dollars in cash make you want to give buying old storage spaces a try?

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