Soap Bubble Paintings of Jiří Georg Dokoupil:  Impressive Art  

Soap Bubble Paintings of Jiří Georg Dokoupil:  Impressive Art   


Contemporary Czech artist Jiří Georg Dokoupil is a remarkably talented painter who invests his talent in process. Although on first glance his paintings resemble photographs or maybe even microscopic pictures of tiny cells or animations, in reality the paintings are created from things like soot and bubbles.

Dokoupil has pioneered more than 100 different styles and techniques. With his soot technique, for example, Dokoupil is able to paint projected images by using the soot of a burning candle. In bigger works, he uses the flame of a torch on a blank canvas which he has placed so it hangs flat from the ceiling.


For his pioneering work with soap bubbles, Dokoupil mixes pigments with lye, then uses a wand inflate bubbles. The huge bubbles float over the canvas, leaving soapy, foam-like and iridescent shapes on the canvas after they pop. The bubbles have been his longest running series, beginning in the 1970s and continuing today. He estimates creating more than 300 of the paintings.

Remi Koene
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