Shayna Leib’s Glassworks Are Masterpieces

Shayna Leib’s Glassworks Are Masterpieces

Shayna Leib Works of Art

Shayna Leib is an American glassblowing artist whose works will amaze you from the first moment you lay your eyes upon them. The artist studied at the California Polytechnic State University and received her MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2003. She first came into contact with glass art when she was seven years old and witnessed a demonstration at her school. The artist has often said that particular experience had been life changing for her.

Although she does not rely solely on one type of material, Shayna Leib has stated that she prefers glass “not for its mimetic qualities to capture the look of other materials, but for it’s ability to express flow, freeze a moment in time, and manipulate optics.” Each element of her Wind and Water collection takes a month to finish.

Each sculpture involves a very complex process where she has to create over a mile of thin glass pieces that she later cuts into segments. Thousands of such segments are arranged based on shape and length. Building the actual sculpture is a painstakingly slow process that has her work over 45 minutes for each two square inch area. The final works resembles flowing grass, or moving coral reefs. They inspire creative minds to let their imagination run wild and see all sorts of secrets hidden in these sculptures. Her process has been developed over the eight year period of time she has worked on her sculpture series.

Shayna Leib is a passionate diver, and often, her love for the underworld has been mirrored in her works. As she explained: “The ocean has always been a source of inspiration and mystery to me, and it is a lifelong goal of mine to dive all of the earth’s seas.“ She also added that: “I’m calmer and calmer the deeper I go. It’s serenity, and it’s bliss. It’s just the most wonderful thing in the world.”

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