Sharifi-ha Rotates to Accommodate the Weather

Sharifi-ha Rotates to Accommodate the Weather

When building a house, one most keep in mind many factors. The terrain plays an important part, as do the surroundings and the weather. Moreover, when the weather comes with fluctuating temperatures, the design must come with something innovative. Sharifi-ha House features three rooms that can be rotated 90 degrees in order to adapt to Iran’s weather.


Sharifi-Ha House

Designed by Tehran studio Next Office, Sharifi-ha House has a design that permits its owners to open up views and terraces during the hot months of summer and tuck the rooms back inside during the biting cold of winter. 

“The openness and closure of the building is a reference to traditional Iranian houses, which offer both a winter and a summer living room,” explained architect Alireza Taghaboni of Next Office. The architect redesigned the plan 16 times during the development of the project. “Like many urban plots, this one had a noticeably narrow facade-width compared with its depth. Consequently, our expertise in transforming a two-dimensional facade to a three-dimensional one became indispensable.” 

The three pods of the Sharifi-ha house host a breakfast room on the first floor, a guest bedroom on the second floor and a home office on the third floor. Each room comes with a door at the side that provides access to the terrace when the rooms are turned open and access to the house when they are closed.

“The house adapts to the functional needs of its users,” said Taghaboni. “The guest room can be reconfigured for different purposes. Similarly, the home office and breakfast room can change the formality of their appearance according to their residents’ desires.”

The basement levels of the Sharifi-ha house are dedicated to fitness and even boast a pool, sauna and gym. The ground floor consists of the housekeeper’s quarters, while the “next two floors accommodate communal spaces, with a kitchen, dining room and living space on the first floor, and a TV room and smaller kitchen on the second floor.” The top two floors are the private areas that hold a master bedroom, a bathroom, a study and three additional bedrooms and bathrooms.

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