Sefcovic Residence: An Award Winning Luxury Residence

Sefcovic Residence: An Award Winning Luxury Residence

Sefcovic Residence, exterior view

The Sefcovic Residence is considered to be one of the most luxurious residences in Arizona, United States. Located in the Desert Mountain Neighborhood, in North Scottsdale, the Sefcovic Residence actually is an award winning home. It received the Gold Nugget Award of Merit in Custom Home, in the over 6000 square feet category.

Sefcovic Residence, property

The design of Sefcovic Residence

This property is extremely comfortable, spacious and luxurious, perfectly blending in with the surrounding desert. Here you will find 5 bedrooms and numerous other facilities, including a small private pool. The surrounding desert confers a special charm to the entire venue. Still, one of the main things that make this residence unique is its exterior, which is paved with all-natural stone titles. Such decorative elements can also be seen in the interior of the property. Wood panels and blue glass panels have been used to create the perfect design.

Sefcovic Residence pool

Sefcovic Residence living room

Sefcovic Residence, kitchen

The Sefcovic Residence was designed by Tate Studio. The construction of this impressive property ended in 2011. Currently, its facilities include an open fireplace and large windows to admire the views, but also to communicate with the desert. Each room at the residence is unique. It features colors from dusty shades of beige, to brown shades, perfectly blending in with the environment.

Large windows at Sefcovic Residence

Sefcovic Residence interior

Sefcovic Residence and surroundings

At the Sefcovic Residence the comfort is absolutely unique, so there is no wonder after all that the property has become so widely known. Not only that the area is filled with spectacular natural attractions, but there are also numerous cultural venues located in the proximity of this property. Would you enjoy spending a relaxing weekend in this area of Arizona?

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