Rock This Tricolor Vegan Leather Jacket For An Edgy Everyday Look

Although the May weather may be hinting at warmer days, there are still plenty of chilly mornings and brisk evenings ahead of us. In order to stay warm during these times, it takes the perfect outerwear piece that isn’t too lightweight or too heavy. One of the most perfect springtime essentials is the faux leather jacket. Faux leather jackets have been getting more and more real looking, with it becoming almost impossible to tell the difference between a faux and a real leather jacket – other than the price tag attached to each one! For this spring, we thought it would be awesome to rock a leather jacket with a multitude of colors in the design. This¬†Front Row Shop Color Block Shine PU Jacket is the perfect combination of three different colors that all come together to make one amazing jacket. The vegan leather jacket feature a tricolor design of white, red, and black. The colors blend together seamlessly, yet each one has the ability to stand out and really give the jacket character. This faux leather coat makes the perfect every day outer piece, as you can wear it with just about anything in your closet. The best part is that the colors will instantly amp up any look that you can come up with. So quit spending bundles of cash on real leather jackets and join in the animal friendly vegan leather style. You can purchase the Front Row Shop coat from the brand’s site for an amazing $69 – talk about an unbeatable price!

Jenns Nusbaum
Written by