Photographer Richard Heeks Captures Amazing Reflections on Soap Bubbles

Photographer Richard Heeks Captures Amazing Reflections on Soap Bubbles

UK-based photographer Richard Heeks captures amazing images of soap bubbles that often are mistaken for images from space, or something one would see in a microscope (like cells and microorganisms).

Bubble Pop Reflection Perfection

Reflection Perfection

Before he got into photographing soap bubbles, Richard was obsessed by close-up photographs of human eyes. His passion for this theme started from childhood when he saw a scene in the movie Blade Runner where a whole landscape is reflected in an android’s eye.

One day however, in 2007, while his nieces of 5 and 7 years-old were blowing soap bubbles, Richard noticed how strangely beautiful the reflections appeared on the bubbles’ surface. From that moment on, Richard has been focusing all his energy on perfecting the art of photographing soap bubbles and their reflections. As he admits himself, Richard “got kind of obsessed with trying to photograph the reflections and trying all kinds of different bubble mixtures and photography techniques’’.

To capture the amazing images that made him famous, Richard spends hours blowing bubbles. For Reflection Perfection, which is one of his most recognized shots, the artist took a few thousand shots without using any electronic devices to time the bubble’s bursting.

Richard Heeks never stops to come up with new ideas to form new and beautiful photographs. He frequently combines different soap mixtures, sometimes he adds a few drops of water paint and leaves them to freeze, he had photographed bubbles inside bubbles, and he has even used needles to capture that suspenseful moment when a needle penetrates the bubble’s surface.

Thanks to his special experience in working with soap bubbles the artist had several collaborations with bubble performers. His bubbles photos were also featured in magazines and TV news and used in various presentations.

For more amazing photos check Richard Heeks’ Flickr page.

Bubble resemble the iris of an eye

bubble photography

Bubble shaped like a vase

Just Standing in the Wind

Landscape reflected by a bubble

Snow Bubble Panorama


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