Peter Bahouth’s Atlanta Treehouse

Peter Bahouth’s Atlanta Treehouse



Love of nature and memories of boyhood treehouses inspired environmentalist Peter Bahouth to create a unique three room treehouse right in his Atlanta backyard.

The three rooms, nicknamed “Mind,” “Body” and “Spirit”, function as freestanding structures, connected by suspension bridges, yet just like three pillars of human being, the structures are truly valuable as an assembly.

Designed as a place to gather and discuss ideas, ‘’Mind’’ has the functions of a living room with enough seating for 6 persona. ‘’Body’’ can provide one of the most peaceful resting place especially because of its platform bed that slides out for a better view of the tree canopy.  Finally, on ‘’Spirit’’, which is a platform surrounding a short leaf pine tree, guests can connect with the nature by simply admiring the scenery.

With the help of local builder Nick Hobbs It took six months to design and six weeks to build this charming structure. As a true environmetalist, Bahouth constantly visited his neighborhood salvage shop during all this time in order to find discarded materials to exploit them for his project. The 80-year-old windows gathered from a Masonic temple in South Carolina are probably among the most interesting acquisitions.

Peter Bahouth’s treehouse is available to rent at $27.

Treehouse 2

Treehouse bedroom

Treehouse 3

Treehouse living room

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