One-Piece Swimsuits Are Taking Over This Summer Season

Spring break is coming up soon, have you got your getaway planned out yet? If you happen to live in the colder climate, nothing could be more rewarding than heading out somewhere warm and sunny. Getting a head start on your cinnamon tan before summer starts is always gladly welcomed. However, before you head out to your tropical island, you’re going to want to make sure you have all of your island essentials. One of the biggest fashion trends at the moment is the one-piece swimsuit, making even bigger headway than the two-piece bikini. Gone are the days where one-pieces were considered a self-conscious body cover-up or a more conservative option. Now, one-piece suits have been getting a huge makeover, making them look more appealing than ever before. With so many different designs and patterns to choose from, making sure to invest in a one-piece suit will ensure that your clothing list for your trip is complete. One of our personal favorites at the moment is the Topshop Ruche Front Swimsuit. This swimsuit has all of the embodiment of an old Hollywood swimsuit with a beautiful modern twist and color. Be sure to walk around in confidence as this swimsuit complements and flaunts all of your curves. The swimsuit is currently available on the Topshop site for $52 and has amazing reviews vouching for it. So take a cue from the old Hollywood starlets and enjoy your spring break in a gorgeous one-piece suit.

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Jenns Nusbaum
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