No 1080p For PES 16 On Xbox One

A couple of days ago the official requirements of Konami’s PES 16 were released and it looked like Konami is still stuck somewhere between Old gen and New gen.   As you all know there has been a warfare between Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 with debates mostly raging about whether both of them could play games at 1080p. Well, the conclusion was that PS4 could and Xbox One couldn’t(with the exception of a few cases) and to add fuel to the fire, Adam Bhatti, PES’ European Product Manager has tweeted that Konami’s latest sports based game wouldn’t be running on 1080p on Xbox One. The official tweet was,

Hi all, I want to update you on Xbox One resolution. We’re going to be just shy of native 1080p, to keep FPS and game quality high #PES2016

That is a clear statement that PS4 is going to get better resolution but still around 900p wouldn’t be that bad.

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Katie Zahel
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