Mysterious Disappearances in American History

Mysterious Disappearances in American History
mysterious disappearances

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Even though technology has evolved greatly and specialists can now shed light on events that happened tens or even hundreds of years ago, there are still some cases that continue to puzzle us. Some mysterious disappearances leave us wondering about what really happened to those people. They’re so surrounded by mystery that even the most insane theories start making sense after a while.  Strange occurrences, strange coincidences and spine-chilling details make for an interesting side of American history. In our quest to find some of the most puzzling mysterious disappearances , we came across these stories:

Mysterious Disappearances that Haven’t Been Solved


1.     Amelia Earhart

A living legend just vanished into thin air. On her daring flight to circle the world, the aviator was forever lost.  She disappeared on June 2nd 1937, somewhere above the Pacific Ocean.  The US government issued an official report in 1939, which declared Earhart dead- supposedly she had trouble finding Howland Island and ran out of fuel, which lead to sinking in the ocean. However, the problem of how and why her plane failed her remains a mystery.  Add the fact that her body was never found and expect some insane theories: she was a spy for the US trying to gather intelligence on Japanese- occupied islands or even that she returned safely to the US,c hanged her name and lived a happy life.

2.     Jimmy Hoffa

One of the most influential labor leader of the 20th century, James Riddle Hoffa disappeared on the 30th of July, 1975 in Detroit. He was seen parking  at a Detroit restaurant and was never seen again. His controversial affairs with the Mafia and his subsequent prison time lead people to believe that it was a Mafia hit though no evidence was ever found. He was declared legally dead in 1982 but his fate remains a mystery.

3.     Joseph Force Crater

This is another of the mysterious disappearances that caused a stir in the media and subsequently in American history. Crater, a New York Supreme Court judge vanished on the 6th of August 1930. He was last seen walking down the street outside of the restaurant where he had dined with someone. Crater was declared “the missingest man in New York” and speculation that he was victim of foul play emerged( he had been infamous for his dealings with the corrupt Tammany Hall political machine). He was declared legally dead in 1939. However, in 2005 new evidence emerged as a woman who had died earlier that year left a handwritten note stating that she and other men had murdered Crater and buried him beneath a Coney Island boardwalk- which could not be proven as in 1950, the area was excavated to build the Aquarium and technology then didn’t detect human remains.

These mysterious disappearances have caused a lot of stir in the media and in the minds of conspiracy theorists. Do you know other such mysterious disappearances?

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