Maria Miri Domark Is Probably The Hottest Soldier In The World

Maria Miri Domark Is Probably The Hottest Soldier In The World
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The Power of Social Media & Modeling

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When it comes to launching a modeling career and landing endorsements, social media is key. What once seemed unattainable without an agency is now at the fingertips of the individual, the more follows, likes and tweets you get, will definitely spark the attention of a major brand. But what about people in the military?

Well, for one woman, she’s proving that you can have beauty and brawn at the same time.

Reporting for Duty

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You may not know this, but serving in the military is mandatory in Israel. The men must serve for three years, while the women must spend two years serving and protecting their country. For Maria Miri Domark, that meant putting her dreams of becoming an elite model on hold. At 18, she began her mandatory service in the military but realized there was no reason she had to give up doing what she loved.

Military Sex Symbol

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Domark began posting selfies of herself in her military uniform and immediately began to grow a following. Since most people wouldn’t think you could be sexy in military gear, her followers on Instagram were wowed by her appearance. Domark knew exactly how to pose and fit her uniform so it looked perfect every single time. She also had no idea that these photos would be the beginning of a very lucrative career.

Military Fashionista

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Many began to call Domark, a “military fashionista” and while you would think that the Israeli military might have an issue with her parading around on social media in her uniform, they actually liked the positive publicity. During these two years, Domark had no idea the doors that were opening for her once she finished her mandatory service.

A Rising Star

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On Instagram, the public along with brands from around the world couldn’t ignore Domark’s stunning beauty. From her full lips to lithe figure, she definitely was model material. She also was a breath of fresh air in terms of portraying women in the military, who usually look quite frumpy in their uniforms and serious all the time.

Soldier by Day, Model by Night

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As Domark continued her service, she continued to post not only in her military uniform but out of it as well. By day she served her country, but by night she was slowly but surely building a fantastic modeling career. Nothing was going to stop her from achieving her dreams.

On Duty and Looking Fabulous

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Just look at that face? Have you ever seen a military woman look THIS good? Domark definitely has that natural beauty. No wonder she’s become so popular across social media.

From the Military to the Runway

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After Domark completed her military service, she transitioned from posting in her uniform to her entire wardrobe. Now she had the chance to really shine and show off what she could do. And her fans were loving it! As her follower count continued to climb, brands and agencies began to take notice.

A Growing Fanbase

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Soon, Domark’s Instagram followers soared past one million! Her bikini and beach photos seemed to be the most popular, so she played to the audience. Day trips to the pool and the seaside became more prominent and she made sure to utilize her strengths. It seemed she had found her niche and there was no way she wasn’t going to capitalize on that.

Working Hard to Play Hard

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With Domark’s strict training schedule from the military behind her, she had to put in extra work at the gym to maintain her figure. She admitted it was more difficult to keep up with the training, but she did so in order to stay fit and please her fans. “The hardest part about working your butt out is waiting to see some BIG results,” she wrote on Instagram. Many of her fans appreciated her honesty about eating and working out, which only increased her followers and the love for her even more.

Shake Your Money Maker

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It didn’t take long before modeling agencies were sending inquiries to Domark. They knew she had a huge fanbase and could see the potential in making money off of it. However, Domark wasn’t going to just go with anyone. She had worked hard to build up her following and had NO intentions of signing with an agency too quickly. Eventually, she decided to go with ITM models and the next chapter of her life began.

Hard Work Pays Off

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Almost immediately after signing with ITM, Domark found herself on the cover of Blazer magazine and began to work her way up the ranks of the modeling industry. However, she didn’t want to just be some “pretty face.” She wanted to inspire her fans and have people look up to her.

A Voice for Change

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Maria decided to partner with the #Rotzhsoohicolh movement, which means, “We want it and it’s all” in Hebrew. This social justice campaign in Israel focuses on equal rights for women and female empowerment.  “I am proud to be part of this amazing and important campaign,” wrote Maria on her Instagram.

Advice from Her Mother

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Maria’s passion for women empowerment came from her mother who was a professional ballerina. According to Domark, her mother instilled in her the importance of following her dreams no matter what. “My mother is my biggest inspiration,” Maria revealed on Instagram. And it seems she took her mother’s words to heart. She is now living the life she always wanted.

Traveling the World

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Working as a model, Domark has traveled around the world. Her work has taken her to Canada, Mexico, Cuba, and Poland. She loves being able to work in warmer climates and experience different cultures. However, staying busy also has its downside.

Missing Memories

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Due to her modeling commitments, Maria found herself always away from her family. This meant she missed out on events and family time, which was hard. Domark even had to miss her sister’s wedding due to her modeling career.

A Deep Love for Animals

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Despite the lows of being a professional model, Domark always found ways to make herself happy. She loved sharing photos of her animals, including her cat and puppy. Wearing facial masks and letting her followers in on her beauty routine was also the norm for her. People just loved seeing all aspects of her life.

Finding True Love

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Unfortunately, while she may seem like a real catch, Domark is happily in love. Sorry, guys! She’s been with her boyfriend for over six years and remains very committed to their relationship. “We’re celebrating 6 years of love today. This is the best person I know, and I’m so thankful for having him in my life.”

Sharing Her Adventures

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Today, Domark continues to share her daily adventures on Instagram. Whether it be her travels or her simple day-to-day activities, she’s continuing to take the world by storm. Also, she’s adored by millions. Who knew that serving in the military would end up opening so many doors for herself?

Thank You For Your Service

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As Domark continues to achieve success, we can’t help but thank her for serving her country with grace, humility and with impeccable style. We expect she will continue to do amazing things in her life!

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