Man Discovers 36 Abandoned Old Corvettes In Underground Parking Lot

Man Discovers 36 Abandoned Old Corvettes In Underground Parking Lot

Old American muscle cars are renowned for their horsepower and amazing looking designs. This is why car collectors are willing to spend millions of dollars in order to buy an old Corvette or Mustang for example. With that said, today we are going to show you the story of a man who purchased a flock of 36 abandoned Corvettes. He has already started the restoration process on the cars that need it and he is looking to make a huge profit once the cars are listed for sale.

20. American Muscle

The general rule when selling an American muscle cars is that the older they are, the more expensive they will be. There’s something special about the way American muscle car look and this is why rich collectors are always fighting over them.

19. The Corvette Brand

When it comes to American Muscle cars, Corvette is one of the most iconic manufacturers. Corvette innovated the automotive industry with its amazing looking designs and powerful engines. This is why old Corvettes are always the most sought after cars.

18. The Lost Treasure

The man in this picture is named Adam Heller and he recently purchased a flock of 36 old Corvettes. These cars were abandoned in an old parking lot and Adam likes to think of them as “the lost treasure”.

17. A Flock of Old Corvettes

Adam Heller is a successful real-estate broker and his passion has always been old cars. This is why he rushed to make a deal when he found out that a German-born man owned a total of 36 Corvettes and that he didn’t use them for anything

16. The Manufacturing Date

According to Adam, the 36 cars were built between 1953 and 1989. This means that they all are worth a small fortune and that Adam is going to become richer than in his wildest dreams.

15. The Dust Comes Off

What’s great about this find is that since the cars were abandoned in an underground parking lot, then they were covered in dust. The good thing about this is that the dust kept the paint of the cars intact.

14. Peter Max

This man is Peter Max and he is the one who won the 36 Corvettes in a competition started by the VH1 musical channel. Peter Max was initially planning to do photoshoots with the cars, but he got preoccupied with other art projects instead and the cars were forgotten.

13. The First Deal

Adam first tried to make a deal with Peter Max. He told the artist that he will pay the full restoration price for the old cars and that they were going to split the profits 50%-50%. However, Peter Max was not interested in this deal at all. He wanted something else.

12. Selling All The Cars

Even though Peter Max would’ve made much more money if he agreed to the first deal that Adam offered, the artist decided that he would rather sell all the cars for seven figures instead. Adam was more than happy to accept this offer.

11. Hard Work

Some of the old Corvettes are in great shape and they don’t need any restoration work. However, this is not the case for all of them. The oldest ones from the lot need to spent months getting restored before they can be sold to collectors.

10. Huge Investment

The real-estate broker didn’t just spend seven figures buying the 36 Corvettes, he also spent more than six figures on paying for the restoration work for some of these cars. This is a huge investment!

9. All Worth It

Even though Adam has invested his life savings, he is more than sure that it’s all worth it. The cars have yet to be listed for sale and he is already getting calls from interested collectors.

8. A Piece of History

One of the main reasons why so many car collectors love old American muscle cars such as these Corvettes is because they represent a piece of history. Not just that, but driving a car like this on the highway will surely turn heads everywhere.

7. The Most Expensive Corvette

“We’re putting a substantial amount of money that’s well over six figures into just one of the individual cars. I think that by the time we get done on this restoration we will have the most valuable 1953 Corvette in the world,” said Adam.

6. Long Wait

On the downside of things, Adam still has to wait a long time before he can start selling the cars. The restoration process is not simple and the engineers will need to work for up to one year on certain Corvettes that need to have their entire chassis replaced.

5. The Auction

Adam is using the time that he needs to wait for the restoration process in order to look for the right auction houses. He needs to find a place that is known for selling cars for expensive prices and he already has a good idea where to go.

4. Special Sale

“We haven’t started talking to auctions just yet, but it probably makes the most sense to offer the cars through a Mecum, Barrett-Jackson or Russo and Steele sale,” added Adam.

3. Great Find

If there is something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that Adam is going to make lots of profits after selling the 36 Corvettes. He was lucky to find the abandoned cars and to also have enough investment capital to purchase them.

2. Amazing Cars

Let’s hope that Adam doesn’t have any trouble finding the right collectors to purchase his Corvettes. However, this is surely not going to be an issue because the cars look amazing.

1. Corvette Stingray

The man in this picture is one of the engineers who are restoring the Corvettes and if you take a better look at this picture, then you will see that he is standing next to the famous Corvette Stingray!

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