Local Finds Abandoned Cooler Floating In Nearby River, The Contents Will Haunt Him Forever

Local Finds Abandoned Cooler Floating In Nearby River, The Contents Will Haunt Him Forever

A Discovery in the River


Finding abandoned trash in lakes and rivers have become more common than anyone likes to admit. Plastic bags, empty containers, and bottles are among the most commonly found items. However, coolers taped shut, with mysterious contents aren’t usually a site to see. For one man, his afternoon hangout by the river turned into a discovery he wishes he didn’t make.

The Perfect Afternoon


The man and a few friends were having a relaxing and lazy Sunday hanging out by the river. Drinking a few beers, lounging on sun chairs, and playing fetch with his pup–a picture perfect afternoon. Surrounded by friends, the man thought his day couldn’t get any better. It was just in that moment, that he saw something mysterious floating in the river.

A Cooler?


When the man first spotted the cooler he wasn’t sure what it was, as it was floating a good distance downstream. He used his camera phone to get a better view of the mysterious object, zooming in to determine what it was. When he approached it he realized it was just your average cooler, and he assumed someone lost it during a picnic. But upon closer inspection, he realized it was far from ordinary.

Taped Shut


Jumping into the calm waters he pushed it across until he reached the riverbank. Although taped shut, something he found to be odd, it wasn’t that heavy so it couldn’t be anything that bad, right? His mind was racing, and of course, his first thought was perhaps a body, chopped up and concealed was hidden among the container, but those thoughts were put to rest as there was no way it would have been that light. When he finally looked inside, the expression “curiosity got the cat” could not have been truer.

The Local River


The local river bank was a popular hangout destination for many locals. The calm and cool waters were perfect for a nice summer dip to catch some relief from the blazing weather. People had left behind valuables before, but usually realizing it before leaving the parking lot. It was strange that no one had come back for this cooler, as it was in perfectly good shape and totally usable.

A Rightful Return


The man thought he might be able to return it to its rightful owner if he could find some sort of contact information on it. Peering on the outside he didn’t notice anything that would help him reach whoever lost it, so looking inside was the next best bet. After all, there could be a few cold ones, or perhaps even some cash like in the action movies.

Just Like  Christmas


His friend grabbed his camera and decided to record the whole incident just in case their discovery was a once in a lifetime thing. Little did he know, that’s exactly what it was going to be. “It’s like Christmas!” The cameraman jokingly exclaimed.

A Picnic?


Even the dog was highly interested in the discovery, prompting the discoverers to think it might be full of food. If it was food, they were hopeful that it would all still be good so it wouldn’t just go to waste. However, after they opened it, they quickly realized they weren’t about to enjoy a deliciously free meal, it was something much more strange.

What Did They Find?


“Open the hatch” the cameraman announced. Anticipation grew as they got closer to unveiling the contents of the mysterious cooler. Groups of people started approaching them as they could hear the excitement bustling about.

A Growing Audience



The cooler was covered with four strips of duct tape, almost as if someone intentionally ditched it, knowing it would end up in water. Now, with an audience, they decided to open it up and see what kind of treasure they were about to see.

Horror Film


At first, they were in shock as they couldn’t believe their eyes. It was something right out of a horror movie, something they never expected to see.



Jumping back with confusion the man screamed, “What the f**k!” Looking at the camera in shock. He began to walk back to the opening to get a better look at it to be sure he saw what he thought he did.

Eerie Feelings


It was a creepy-looking plastic doll. They couldn’t understand why someone would go through the trouble to throw a doll away in that manner. Usually, when you see this amount of effort to get rid of a creepy doll, it’s because it’s haunted and about to kill you–just like in the movies.

A Body


Nervously laughing the two men continued to stare at what they had just found. Still dumbfounded, more people began to approach to take a look for themselves. “There is a body in there,” joked one of the onlookers. The doll wasn’t alone, either.

Shaking In Fear


It wasn’t just the doll that was inside the cooler, it came with an ominous message attached. “I’m like, shaking,” expressed the cameraman as he looked around for confirmation that it was just a doll and not something more. One of the people in the crowd even asked if there were drugs inside, trying to figure out why someone would dump a doll like this.

A Closer Look


Examining the doll further, the men found that there were no substances hidden in the body or even in the cooler. So if it wasn’t for drugs, what was the purpose?

Another Scare


A woman approaches the group of people and the cooler, interested in what they found. One of the men closes the lid and tells her she has to open it herself if she wants to see what’s inside, in an attempt to scare her. It worked, she jumped back and screamed. Everyone was in agreement that there was no purpose for it, and whoever had done it is seriously disturbed.

The Star Attraction


One of the men jokingly said, “at least someone gets a free cooler,” while another called dibs on the doll. It became the star attraction of the day, even though they still couldn’t determine what the purpose was. When the men got home they uploaded the video to Youtube and it became viral quickly. The comment section showed many disagreed on the purpose of the doll.

Comment Section


Some people were utterly terrified, scared that they had just unleashed a curse onto themselves. Other’s were convinced it was all a prank, done by the men in the video in order to get a viral video. Either way, it was an event that many people won’t ever forget.

Strangely enough, this creepy doll isn’t the only weird thing found floating down a river. You won’t believe what some people have found.

East River Monster


When one woman was walking along the East River in New York City, she couldn’t help but notice something she had never seen before on the banks of the river. Walking closer to the object she noticed it was some sort of bloated mutant creature! In shock, she took photos and sent it to local news outlets.

Two men found a body part that they’d never expect to see.

A Shocking Find


Two men were walking along the lake shore when they noticed something had washed up. It was rather shocking when they realized it was a body part. They were thinking the worst, like someone lost their life while out on the water and this was the only thing left of them. But it turned out, it wasn’t that serious, but actually a little funny.



A Wisconsin man Mark Warner was canoeing when his prosthetic leg fell off. As if that wasn’t bad enough, an otter swam off with it. It was eventually reunited with Warner, and the men were gifted $50 for their efforts.

The next discovery, is actually terrifying and sad.



Tom Sublett a commissioner of Glynn County, Georgia, went missing until investigators discovered something horrific in the bottom of a local lake. They found his body, assuming it was a suicide due to an empty gun holster that was located in his car. However, something didn’t seem right…

Murder or Suicide?


His body was found with his hands tied behind his back, and a bullet wound in his head. The most mysterious part of the case? They never deemed it was murder, even though the evidence proved he couldn’t have killed himself.

It turns out, bodies of water are often used to dumb things people never want found…



In Lake Washington near the Seattle area, swimmers found something that could have been fatal to many. They found a 100-lb WWII bomb. They couldn’t figure out how they had ended up there, and as the bombs were examined, the mystery got even more intense.

Active Bomb


The bomb was active! They had never been detonated, which was a complete shock. They had no idea how the bomb found its way there without being detonated. Fighter pilots were known to fly over the area, but it’s rare that the bomb wouldn’t have blown up over all these years. Thankfully, it was deactivated without anyone being injured.

Keep scrolling for even more strange discoveries.

Lake Roopkund Discovery


In the heart of the Himalayas there is a lake named Roopkund. In 1942 human remains washed up on its banks and officials desperately tried to figure out where they came from. However, the mystery wasn’t solved until 2004.

An Ancient Mystery


The remains were rather ancient and didn’t belong to any modern crime. Although they were dated back to to the year 850. Still a mystery, the case was deemed historical.

A Special Statue


There is a mysterious 11-foot, 1800 pound, Italian marble statue at the bottom of lake Michigan, but its story, is unusual. In 1956 a family commission the statue to remember their deceased son, but on the journey it was damaged. They wouldn’t accept it so another buyer got it.

A Tourist Attraction


A local diving company bought it and sank it to remember all divers who lost their lives in the process. Now, it rests at the bottom but is visible by boat and is a popular tourist attraction.

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