Lilica: the Devoted Junkyard Mutt

Lilica: the Devoted Junkyard Mutt

We all know dogs are wonderful, loving and intelligent animals, but some of them are simply outstanding.

In a junkyard in São Carlos, Brazil, lives an extraordinary dog whose devotion to her friends can make many people feel ashamed of themselves.


The story of Lilica became worldwide known thanks to a video posted on Youtube in 2013.

According to it, the dog was abandoned as a young puppy in front of the junkyard owned by Mrs Neile Vania Antonio. Fortunately, Lilica was immediately accepted as a new member of Mrs Neile’s poor, but friendly family that includes dogs, cats, a mule, and several chickens.

Four years ago, Lilica gave birth to eight puppies and because she realized there is not enough food for them nearby, she started looking for it on long distances. After her puppies were adopted Lilica continued to bring food home, this time … for the other animals from the junkyard.

In her searches for food, Lilica discovered Lucia Helena de Souza’s home, an animal lover who cares for 13 other stray dogs and 30 stray cats.

At the beginning, the kind lady was surprised to see the dog eating just a part of the food and leave with the bag in her mouth, but one day she decided to follow Lilica to find the truth. The discovery impressed Lucia and since then she has made a very touching commitment with the devoted dog. Every night Lucia prepares food in a bag for Lilica and meets her at 9:30 pm at their usual meeting place. Lilica eats her ration of food then travels back the four miles down dark, dangerous roads to take the bag for her friends. Because she knows that not only Lilica, but her friends too rely on her kindness, Lucia keeps close to home and doesn’t travel.

Lilica is a special soul that reminds us all that true friendships don’t have boundaries and unselfishness can help us have a better world.

Katie Zahel
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