Legends on the Corvin Castle in Romania

Legends on the Corvin Castle in Romania

The Corvin Castle is located in Romania, in a county called Hunedoara. It was first built as a fortress somewhere around the 14th century, but became a castle over the years, as rulers kept adding to the original buildings. It is one of the most beautiful castles in Romania, and though not as famous castle as the Bran Castle, Corvin Castle is surrounded by legends and makes for an interesting visit.  What makes the Corvin Castle even more interesting, is the fact that over the centuries, as buildings were added, the architectural styles were combined, each add-on being specific to the ages. As a result, the Corvin Castle combines gothic, Rennaissance, baroque and neogothic elements.

Corvin Castle

The Legends of Corvin Castle


The Legend of the Raven

It is said that Ioan of Hunedoara was the illegitimate son of  king Sigismund of Hungary and Luxembourg and of Elisabeta, a very beautiful woman from the region of Hunedoara. In order no to dishonor her, the king married her off to one of his knights, a man named Voicu and also gave her a ring for the unborn child, as a trinket that will help him be recognized when he went to the court.

During a family trip, as they stopped for lunch, the ring was left on the towel near the food. As it was shiny, a raven was attracted to it and stole it. Ioan of Hunedoara took a bow, stroke the bird and got his ring back. When the king hears this story, decides that the family’s symbol should be a raven with a ring in its beak. That’s why, on the Corvin coat of arms a raven stands proudly. Also, the name Corvin comes from the Latin” corvus” which means raven.

 The Legend of the Well

It is believed that three Turkish prisoners dug this well. Ioan of Hunedoara  held them as prisoners but promised them freedom if they dug a well. The prisoners, fueled by the idea of promised freedom, dug  for 15 years and 28 meters until they found water. However, in the meantime Ioan died and his wife chose not to keep his word. That’s why, on the walls of the well lies a message of revenge “ You have water but no heart”.

The Corvin Castle is one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in Romania, with rich history and impressive architecture. Have you ever visited the Corvin Castle?

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