Kinetic Rain Sculpture on Singapore’s Airport

Kinetic Rain Sculpture on Singapore’s Airport

Terminal 1 of Singapore’s Changi Airport captivates millions of passengers with an amazing moving sculpture named Kinetic Rain. The sculpture was installed in July 2012 as part of that terminal’s refurbishment. With a height of 7.3 meters (24 ft) and occupying an area of 75 square meters (810 sq ft), Kinetic Rain is probably the world’s largest kinetic sculpture.

Kinetic Rain Changi Airport

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Singapore is regarded as a garden city and this idea was at the root of Kinetic Rain concept. Rain is an important element of a tropical climate and Singapore city is a tropical city. According to the Changi Airport team, the installation also symbolizes the great number of people whp pass daily through the airport.

The art installation is made up of two parts situated at a distance of few meters. Each part is composed by 608 bronze raindrops suspended by thin stainless-steel wires. Attached to the wires there are some computer-controlled motors that moves each raindrop up and down in a fluid manner. Controlled by the computer program, all 1,216 raindrops transform into 16 different shapes through slowly and fluid movements.  Some shapes are flight related such as airplane, hot air balloon, kite, birds etc.

The moving sculpture was created during a period of two years by a team of artists, animators and programmers from Art+Com, a German design firm, led by design director Joachim Sauter. The project designer was Jussi Angesleva, a German-based Finnish artist.

The entire cost for Terminal 1 refurbishment was S$500 million (US$395 million) but the cost for the Kinetic Rain was not revelead.

If you reach Changi Airport make sure you admire this unique moving sculpture. Have you beein on the Singapore Changi Airport in the last year?

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