Intricate Tree Sculptures Made From Twisted Wire

Intricate Tree Sculptures Made From Twisted Wire

Tree Sculptures by Clive Maddison

Art is always changing depending on the influences of each decade and the inspirations of the artist. Paintings, sculptures, graffiti and other kinds of art all mean to impress and dazzle, to leave a lasting memory in the viewer’s mind. Clive Maddison is an author and artist based in Brixham. By using simple strands of wire he shapes amazing tree sculptures, each of them unique and impressive. What’s more, he does not use any kind of adhesive. Everything is made and kept together with wire.

The trees are handmade from single strand wires that run from the roots to the leaves. No glue, solder or other means are used to hold them together, it is purely down to the way the strands are twisted. The beauty of this art is that no two sculptures are the same,” explained Maddison on his website. “There may be similarity of style between pieces, material used, or type of tree being represented, but the way they are made means that every sculpture will be unique.

The artist was born “in the heart of Robin Hood Country in a village called Edwinstowe.” Since early childhood he was intrigued by practical arts. He strove to learn more about metal and wood working. In the end, Maddison decided to work on his two main passions. One of them was writing. The other was working with wire. It was thanks to the second one that these amazing tree sculptures came to life. Some of the trees are placed on wooden bases made of Yew and American Walnut. Others have no base, simply sitting on “roots” of their own.

Each tree sculpture is unique. It comes with an explanation of the real tree it was based on and where the artist got his inspiration. Maddison’s tree sculptures are made to pay a homage to the variety of the natural world. What do you think about them? Would you like to visit an exposition made of tree sculptures?

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