Innovative Student Flat by Tengbom Architects

Innovative Student Flat by Tengbom Architects

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Student accommodation isn’t meant to be fancy and modern. Instead, it is meant to be affordable and with enough resources to help students during their university years. However, a new design from Tengbom Architects might be the key to a modern, environmental friendly and affordable type of accommodation for the students. They architects, in collaboration with wood manufacturer Martinsons and real estate company AF Bostäder, created a new type of student flats. The materials used are smart. They are chosen in order to reduce carbon emissions. Moreover, the flat has an interesting and modern design. Unfortunately, it is on the small side.

The student flat was designed with the help of the students from the  University of Lund. It size was agreed to be 10 square meters. The first unit can be seen now on display at the Virserum Art Museum. It is expected that 22 units will be ready for students in 2014. The unit is fairly compact. It offers everything one might need in a house. The flat hosts a sleeping-loft, kitchen and bathroom. Moreover, it also has a small garden with a patio. One important factor is that the rent will be reduced by 50% due to the material used in its making.

student flat by tengbom

Tengbom Architects designed the student flat with an environmental friendly concept in mind. The most important factor they took into account was using energy in an efficient way and reducing carbon emissions. Therefore, the architect team choose wood as a material. The reason was that it can be found locally and is a renewable source. Moreover, the manufacturer method was chosen because it was swift to assemble and flexible in production.

The student flat made by Tengbom Architects is an innovative way to house students. It protects the environment and reduces carbon emissions. In the future such flats might spread to other universities as well. What do you think about this innovative design?

( Source: tengbom; Images: pinterest )

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