Impressive Love Stories in History

Impressive Love Stories in History


Since today is Valentine’s Day, it seems only appropriate to celebrate love, be it past or present.  Throughout the years, there have been many couples whose love incited both admiration and envy, as they seemed to have found the secret to a fulfilling relationship based on love and trust. These love stories have been in the back of the mind of every hopeless romantic out there. Just think of Napoleon and Josephine, Wallis Simpson and Edward VI of England, Anthony and Cleopatra or the infamous duo Bonnie and Clyde, and these are only a few examples of the great love stories in history.

Impressive Love Stories

F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald- The Jazz Age Couple

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They met during WWI, while F.Scott Fitzgerald was stationed in Camp Sheridan, near Montgomery. He saw Zelda in a bar and desperately fell in love with her. She refused to marry him, however, due to the fact that his income was low. After being discharged and losing a few jobs, Fitzgerald managed to get his first book published which meant that Zelda would marry him. And so she did. They were the most adventurous and rebellious couple, fascinating those around them. They spent their honeymoon simply moving from one hotel to another in NYC, attending fabulous parties with Hemingway and Picasso. Their love was so intense and passionate, that jealousy overcame them each time  someone of the opposite sex was getting attention from either of them. Their rows were as passionate as their love. The crazy paced lifestyle caught up with them, leaving Zelda mentally ill and Scott an alcoholic. She was  committed into an institution, and died in a fire 7 years  after her great love. The couple who ignited the Roaring Twenties had a tragic end but became one of the most impressive love stories.

John and Abigail Adams- The Original Power Couple

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One of the greatest love stories ever, and one of the couples that shaped the history of the US, as John Adams is the second President in the history of the US. Much younger than her love, Abigail married him even though her mother didn’t approve of the marriage. She supported her husband even though she was uneducated, learning to read, write, follow politics and speak her mind freely for the equality of mankind. She was his most prized advisor, leading to her being known as Mrs. President. Their love was so strong, it survived nearly a decade of separation caused by the revolution. During this time, they sent each other letters, even though sometimes only one or two a year. When reunited, they picked up their marriage from where they had left it, like nothing ever happened. She died  peacefully in his arms, and he followed 8 years later, after struggling to live without her.

These love stories are extremely different from each other, which is why I chose to write about them. Whilst one was adventurous and reckless and led to instability, one was so pure and powerful that it led to an unbreakable bond. What other love stories in history have impressed you?





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